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Be Great Full You Just Have A Small Penis

im going to tell the biggest err littlest secret about me... i have a small penis. and well after injuring my back i have erection problems sometimes..if that isnt an ego killer to me i dont know what is...not to mention a real ego killer to a woman sometimes to especialy if she is trying to turn me on and nothing happens ..well down there i mean i eat finger and use toys to please her thats whats most important to me her being happy..i had a girl who claimed that was ok ...but how many women want a broken small penissed boy friend?? yea and one night stands well thats to scarry to think about... maybe someday
cdfan cdfan 36-40, M 4 Responses Aug 12, 2012

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As long as there is one woman who wants you that is enough. It must be frustrating for you all the same.

Damn, you people need some English lessons! Small penis is less of an issue, I can barely understand what you are trying to say...

wow your an ***

Smaller ones fit in the mouth easier though ;P

I use a pump and rings. I know they look small, but the silicone hair bands by Scuncii really work and are cheap. I have paid big bucks for adult store **** rings, the hair bands are around 3 bucks for 5 of them.