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Tommy's Embarrassing Mommy Exam

Chapter 1 Tommy's Fever

"Come in here, Tommy, let me take your temperature," said
Margo Edwards to her fifteen year old son. Tommy, home from
school because of illness, sidled into his mother's bedroom.
Margo Edwards, a registered nurse, held a rectal thermometer
in one hand and a jar of Vaseline in the other. The boy
gave his mother a withering glance because he knew the
procedure all too well. "Take your pants off, Tommy," said

"I'm too old to have it taken that way," implored Tommy

"Nonsense, we take it that way all the time in the
hospital," countered his mother, adding, "take your shoes
off first." The unfortunate lad removed his shoes and slid
his trousers down as directed. "Your socks, too," added
Margo Edwards, as she watched her son removing his pants.

"How come?" whined the boy.

"Because I say so," snapped Mrs. Edwards authoritatively.
The reluctant boy shucked his socks and stood barefooted in
just his tee-shirt and briefs.

"Now, face down over my knee," she said, waving the
thermometer in the direction of her lap. Tommy hated having
to present himself in such an undignified position. The
red-faced boy lowered himself onto his mother's knees,
placing his hands flat on the floor. His toes dug into the
carpet creating a fulcrum. Margo then tugged Tommy's
underpants downward exposing his young, firm buttocks. At
this inopportune moment, Tommy's younger sister, Katie
appeared in the bedroom doorway.

All smiles at seeing her big brother so ridiculously
displayed, the precocious ten-year old blonde said, "Hi,
mom, can I watch you take his temperature?"

"No, get her out!" protested the boy.

Margo Edwards gave her daughter a smile, saying, "Katie, you
may stand next to me. Maybe you'll learn something."
Katie Edwards wasted no time getting as close to her
brother's pink rump as possible.

"Mom, please, she's a girl. She can't see me like this,"
whined Tommy in obvious embarrassment. The boy wiggled
deliciously on Margo's lap as he sought to conceal his
blatant nakedness.

"Young man, if I say she may watch, then she may watch
unless you want to feel daddy's belt on your butt," returned
Margo sternly. Thinking better of any complaints, Tommy
just lay there miserably. "Tommy, spread your legs, I can't
see where I'm going," said his mother searching for the
boy's bung-hole.

Tommy's briefs were stretched between his thighs just above
his knees restricting further movement. "Katie, take
Tommy's underpants off. He's got to open his legs wider,"
requested Margo casually.

"No, she can't!" screamed the lad.

Not heeding a thing her brother was saying, Katie began
pulling the white cotton briefs down his smooth hairless
legs. She knelt right between his ankles as she removed the
restraining garment. A white tee-shirt was Tommy Edwards'
only clothing as he lay so nakedly on his mother's lap.
"Spread your legs apart, Tommy, don't be so shy," insisted
his mother as she sat poised with a jelly dipped thermometer
in hand.

"I can't see his hole either, mom," reported Katie from her
brother's rear.

Tommy Edwards was dying of humiliation as he heard his
mother say, " Katie, pry his cheeks apart with your thumbs
so I can get into his anus." The curious ten year old girl
needed no further encouragement. Katie pushed the plump
round cheeks of her brother's bottom apart revealing the
pucker of his pink *******. Her dainty fingers were only
inches away from his scrotum that hung visibly beneath his
heinie. Tommy Edwards could not have been more embarrassed
as he felt the cold thermometer entering his rectum. Margo
allowed her daughter to turn the thermometer occasionally
and adjust its position to the exquisite humiliation of her
nearly nude son. Katie drank in the sight of Tommy's
youthful male anatomy, especially his hairless testicles and
a glimpse of his penis nestled against Margo's thighs.

"Tell her to stop, mom," protested the boy as he felt
Katie's hand fairly groping him.

"You will stop your complaining right now young man,"
retorted Margo Edwards as she withdrew the thermometer from
Tommy's anus. She immediately raised her hand and slapped
it down on Tommy's ***. This brought an instant yelp from
the supine boy and a squeal of glee from Katie. Margo
sought to drive her message home so she shot another quick
spank to her son's vulnerable bottom.

"Ow, mom, not in front of Katie, please!" cried Tommy.

"Yes, Tommy, in front of anyone I please," answered Margo
sharply. "Let's see, your temperature is 100.3 and you're
to stay indoors for the rest of the day," said Margo. "Now,
young man, apologize to Katie or you'll get more spanks on
your fresh behind."

Tommy Edwards wasn't about to risk further spanking from his
mom so he blubbered his contriteness to Katie, saying, "I'm
sorry Katie, it won't happen again."

"He deserves to stay just as he is for the rest of the day,
mom," complained Katie scornfully.

"Hmmm, good idea, sweetie," cooed Margo, giving her daughter
a wistful look of approval. "Tommy, you are to stay without
your clothes for the whole day and take your tee-shirt off,
too. Katie, you're about to have your first anatomy

Chapter 2 Katie Sees it All

Katie Edwards beamed with satisfaction as her older brother
got to his feet and attempted to cover himself with his
hands. Reluctantly and fighting back tears of
embarrassment, Tommy Edwards pulled his tee-shirt over his
head and stood as naked as the day he was born. Turning
redder and redder, he couldn't bear having Katie see him
nude. The sad-faced fifteen year-old's ordeal was just
beginning. Margo, a trained medical person, was about to
teach her daughter all there was to know about the male

"Stand on this chair, Tommy, and put your hands on top of
your head," ordered Margo. The boy's mother placed a
straight-backed chair in the middle of the room and watched
as her son climbed onto it. Tommy's genitals were now at
eye level with his little sister, much to her delight. When
the lad clasped his hands on his head, his vulnerability was
complete. "Now then Katie," said Margo as she held the
boy's slender penis on display, "this is the male penis.
It's circumcised which means that a little bit of his skin
that covered his tip was trimmed off when he was born. It's
cleaner and prettier to have the tip showing, don't you

Katie stared wide-eyed at her brother's organ as she ran her
tongue across her dry lips. "The head of his penis
resembles a heart-shaped mushroom cap," continued Margo
Edwards, holding her son's glans between thumb and index
finger. "At the very tip is his pee hole, see?"

Katie put her young innocent face only inches away from the
first **** she had ever seen. Tommy felt his mother's hand
stimulating him in a very arousing fashion. The touch of
her fingertips was expertly causing his youthful flesh to
react exuberantly. As Tommy's love-tool stretched
perceptively, Margo lifted it to expose his testicles. His
*****-filled ovums were encased in a sac of wrinkled pink
skin and Margo tested them gently with a finger to
demonstrate their elasticity to Katie.

"The scrotum and penis can be quite a handful and let me
show you how a boy's dickie can grow." Margo then encircled
Tommy's young **** with her thumb and index finger and
slowly began to stroke off the back of his little ****-head
until the lad's face reddened deep crimson. In less than a
minute Tommy's penis expanded to a state of near erectness.
By stroking a finger deeply into the boy's *** crack, Margo
had induced her son's sexual organ into a state of ultimate

"Hand me that little dish on the dresser, Katie,"
said Margo. After Katie retrieved it, Margo held it
under Tommy's stiff penis and said, "Tommy, I want you
to ********** for Katie and squirt your *** in here."

The blushing boy was totally exasperated at the thought of
blowing off in front of his sister and mother, although it
was an act he was quite familiar with since he was twelve.

"Aw, mom, I just can't. Don't make me do it in front of
her, please," cried the boy.

Unperturbed, Margo simply gave the job to Katie who was
looking more eager to perform frottage all the time.
"Katie, you do it for him," said Margo annoyed with her
son's disobedience. "It's called ******* off. Make a
circle with your thumb and first finger around his dickie
and stroke him along his shaft like I showed you." Katie
eagerly placed her small hand on Tommy's hard **** and began
************ him.

"No! Stop it, don't do that," refused Tommy.

"You just earned a spanking from your sister, Tommy,"
proclaimed Margo, displeased with her son. "Get off the
chair and lie on Katie's lap, you bad boy!" ordered Margo.
Katie sat upon the chair, her bare legs clad in shorts,
awaiting the added stimulus of feeling her big brother's
naked genitals against her skin.

"Mom, I'm really sorry, please don't let her s-spank me,"
blurted the boy pitifully.

Margo was adamant. She took Tommy by the scruff of his neck
and bent the naked boy over Katie's knees. Falling forward,
he landed flat on his little sister's thighs and he wiggled
fitfully in obvious embarrassment.

"Use the hairbrush, Katie," said Margo handing her daughter
her favorite spanking tool. "He deserves to be spanked like
a little girl," added Margo sarcastically. Katie curled her
free arm around Tommy's waist and hugged him as she raised
her spanking hand and brought down the hairbrush with a
resounding "Smack!"

"Oww," howled Tommy as he bucked his hips.

"That's one," responded Margo, "she'll give you a total of
sixty for your insolence." Katie continued spanking her
brother's naked *** cheeks until the count was half
completed. Tommy, unable to bear the pain, cried openly,
but Katie didn't let up. When the red-assed lad kicked his
feet into the air, Margo added another ten to his sentence
which made Tommy take his punishment more stoically. All
the while, Tommy's balls were clearly showing from behind
since his mother was holding his ankles widely apart. The
heat generated from each smack was felt on Margo's face only
inches away and she marveled at the exquisite coloring of
his spanked rump.

By the forty-fifth spank, Katie was painting white splotches
on a background of red soreness. The hairbrush fairly
bounced off her brother's apple-round cheeks, making a sound
that was music to any female's ears. Tommy couldn't cross
his ankles, so the only relief came from humping Katie's
thighs, an act that exacerbated his sexual arousal. If
Tommy's boy-sized hard-on was poking Katie, she didn't mind
it a bit. The girl was concentrating her aim on the deeply
spaced crack of her brother's ***. She was rewarded with an
occasional wink of Tommy's anus that only minutes before had
held the thermometer so tightly.

It was decided that Katie would finish him off with her hand
and she continued for the final thirteen with her open palm.
Margo happily observed that her outlandish younger child
rested her hand right on Tommy's naked *** after each spank
and that she rubbed his burning bottom much to the distress
of the unfortunate boy. Tommy's buttocks were now
completely red which contrasted beautifully with the
whiteness of his other skin. Katie's final spanks were
toe-curling examples of ferocity.

It was over but Tommy could hardly stand after such a
pummeling. To add to the boy's discomfort, Margo ordered,
"Tommy, you go right downstairs and lie face down on the
kitchen table with your legs spread open and no rubbing for
an hour, understand?" The miserable boy hobbled out of
Margo's bedroom with his stiff **** bobbing up and down as
he walked. Smiles of sheer delight glowed on the women's

Chapter 3 Aunt Meg's Visit

"Margo's sister, Megan, was a younger version of Tommy's
mom. Aunt Meg had twin girls aged eight. They were
adorable blondes like the rest of the family, but Tommy
detested his cousins because they were insufferable brats.

"Hi, Margo, I just stopped by with the movie tickets you
wanted," said Megan. As she walked through the living room,
Megan became aware of her nephew lying naked on the table.
"Now what is this all about?" she asked puzzled.

"Tommy's been bad today and his punishment is to lie here
with no clothes on," said Margo.

"Well I see he's been spanked too," added Megan, pointing to
the boy's bright red ***.

"Yes, I was teaching Katie about boys' genitals and Tommy
refused to ********** for her, so she spanked him with the
hairbrush," said Margo matter-of-factly.

"Well, Thomas, don't you look cute this way," mused Megan
with a broad smile. Tommy only nodded in acknowledgment,
his eyes shut, totally unable to respond verbally. "My
girls have only seen penises of boys younger than they, none
Tommy's age. I'll bet you're sporting some attractive
hardware there, Sonny," teased Megan.

"Where are the girls?" asked Margo.

"They're in the car, we didn't intend to visit," answered
Megan. Katie, who was listening from the stairs, dashed out
to greet her cousins and before anyone could realize, she
appeared at the back door with her two younger cousins hand
in hand.

Kelly and Nelly were two identical twins. They were cute
younger versions of Katie dressed in flowery sun dresses and
sandals. They were absolutely beautiful and often drew
double-takes from people at malls and parks. Totally
disregarding her brother's nakedness, Katie walked them into
the kitchen as though Tommy were just a piece of pork fat.
The poor lad prayed to die at that moment because he knew
his appearance was drawing all the attention.

"He's all bare!" chimed Kelly and Nelly in unison. "Yeah,
even his heinie," added Kelly. As a barrage of questions
ensued, Margo stepped forward to explain.

"Tommy's been a bad boy today. As you can see, he's been
spanked and now must lie here for an hour without any
clothes on." Margo Edwards glanced over to Megan and then
asked her little nieces, "Have you girls ever seen a boy's

"Not a big boy's. Not as old as Tommy," answered Nelly

"Aunt Margo is a nurse, girls, so would you like her to
teach you all about a boy's pee pee?" asked Megan blatantly.
The youngsters nodded positively and Tommy realized he was
about to have the most degrading experience of his life.

Margo pulled a chair over and told her son to get up or face
another hard spanking. Tommy obeyed without much
deliberation. Barefoot and naked he stood before the
all-girl assembly, making no attempt to cover himself, just
letting his arms hang naturally at his sides. Margo sat on
the chair, pulling the hem of her dress up to her thighs.

"Straddle my legs and sit down, Tommy, facing the girls..."
came the order from his mother.

"Please, mama, no," implored Tommy tearfully.

When it was suggested that if he didn't do it immediately,
Tommy might get spanked by his child cousins, he thought
better of his stubbornness and sat on his mother's lap,
facing forward. Margo Edwards had her knees parted and
Tommy had to put his legs on the outside which showed off
his jewels to the utmost. Every eye in the room was fixed
on Tommy's lovely boy-***** that was still partially
inflated from his recent arousal.

"Now come closer girls," beckoned Margo to Katie and her
cousins, " I'm going to do what Tommy refused to do earlier
and that is called ************."

The curious girls giggled at the strange-sounding word as
they watched Margo make a circle with her thumb and index
finger. Next they watched in awe as Tommy's mom encircled
his flaccid penis and began to gently jerk the boy's
snake-like ****. The head of Tommy's ***** was a rosy pink
as the stimulation increased. At the base of his sexual
stalk his jiggling testicles drew into a tight sac as his
erection began. In a matter of seconds, Margo's skilled
fingers had Tommy's **** at the peak of erectile readiness.
"Now watch, girls, because the last part of ************ is
called an ****** and I want you to see what happens to
Tommy's *****....." explained Margo Edwards to her audience
of stunned viewers.

Nelly and Kelly had never seen a beautiful **** so ready to
explode. Katie felt a twitch in her own ***** as she
reveled in her own fantasies. Aunt Meg was unabashedly wet
from what she was seeing and she knew Margo was, too.
Tommy's face went deep red as a becoming blush spread across
his chest and belly. He was close to climaxing, but his
talented mother knew how to sustain his hardness for a few
seconds longer, increasing his urge to ***. Slipping her
free hand under Tommy's ***, she commented to Megan, "You
can tell when he's about to *** when he tenses his
sphincter." Margo didn't expect the youngsters to
appreciate that remark but she knew Megan would understand.
As Tommy's mom pressed her single finger against his tiny
*******, she felt his readiness to *********.

"Now he's his *****, girls," announced Margo
triumphantly. ******* Tommy's **** faster and faster, the
boy felt himself milked of pre-***, the clear liquid that
precedes ***********. With his **** standing at a
forty-five degree angle to his body, Tommy felt the rush of
***** coming from the soles of his feet in a monstrous wave.
The first shot of *** squirted from his tiny hole and landed
on Kelly's sun dress. The surprised girl jumped back, but
her sister could not react fast enough to avoid Tommy's
second stream of ***** as it hit her squarely on the chest.
The third and fourth salvoes of ********* splattered on the
floor and creamed someone's pretty toes. The final dribbles
of ***** coated Margo's hand and it felt warm and slippery
as Tommy's throbbing ***** drooped slowly downward. But the
spermy evidence of Tommy's orgasmic display was dripping
down his cousin's clothing. What was he in for next?

Chapter 4 Total Embarrassment

"Ooh, it smells horrible," said Kelly as she put her wet
fingers to her nose. Nelly's *** stained dress had two
rivulets of ***** streaming down her front as she felt
Tommy's boy-juice soaking through.

"What is that stuff, mom?" asked Katie, secretly knowing
what it was.

"That, girls, is *****," explained Margo. She did not go
into the fact that this was the male essence that produced a

"Margo, my kids clothes are ruined," interjected Megan over
her sister's anatomy lecture. Margo looked sheepishly
toward her sister saying, "If it can't be laundered out,
I'll buy them new ones. Meantime let's get you out of those
wet dresses, girls."

As Nelly and Kelly removed their pretty sun dresses, their
naked cousin saw that the girls wore only panties beneath
and in a moment the two young twins were standing in just
their sandals and underpants. Margo suggested that Katie
give the girls something to wear but Kelly said, "That's all
right, Aunt Margo, we don't mind staying as we are." Both
twins nodded agreeably and were now kicking their footwear
off as well. Unshod, the pantied girls were led away by
Katie who suggested some games in the living room.
Meanwhile Margo Edwards was wiping her son's drooling ****
with a paper towel as Megan watched.

"All right, Tommy, back on the kitchen table, legs spread,"
ordered his mom. He still had forty minutes of punishment
time left to endure. The ***-drained lad hoisted himself
onto the table and assumed the ignominious position in front
of his mother and aunt. Tommy lay with his wilted penis
mashed tightly against the cold table. Aunt Megan was
studying, or shall we say admiring, her nephew's
well-spanked *** cheeks. They were red and raw and
obviously uncomfortable.

"So you were spanked by Katie, were you, Tommy?" asked Megan
in an almost teasing voice.

"Y-yes, Aunt Meg," answered the boy, "with the hairbrush."

"Well, Tommy, I know something that will fix a burning
bottom," explained Megan. She rose and went to the freezer
for an ice tray. Removing a single ice cube, Megan pressed
the freezing square against Tommy's left butt cheek. The
boy was startled by the contrast of temperatures and bucked
his hips deliciously. Tommy's naughty aunt rubbed the cube
all along the boy's *** watching his reactions. Finally she
inserted the point of the ice cube between her nephew's
sumptuous boy-cheeks. Tommy reacted by clenching his ***,
but Megan persisted until it disappeared into Tommy's crack.
When the tip of the ice met his warm anus, the boy violently
humped the table in order to avoid the discomfort. Megan
was virtually ******* in her panties as she applied the ice
torture to her fifteen year old nephew. Eventually the ice
melted and trickled down Tommy's crack into a small puddle.
The boy lay exhausted from this ordeal.

"That should cool him off some, "exclaimed Megan, glancing
at her sister.

As Margo and Megan stood in the laundry room attempting to
remove the *** spots from girls' dresses, Margo apologized
anew to her sister. Megan made it clear that they were
brand new dresses and that she was perturbed with her sister
despite the fantastic show her nephew had put on.

"How can I make it up to you?" asked Margo sincerely.

Megan thought for a second and blurted out what she deemed
reasonable payback. "I'm having my boss's wife over for tea
tomorrow," she said, "And it would be nice to have Tommy
serve us our tea and cakes wearing an appropriate outfit of
my choosing."

Margo Edwards raised her eyebrows as her sister whispered
something in her ear. Then she turned crimson as a knowing
smile curled upon her lips. The two women looked into each
other's eyes and Margo nodded in agreement. Her son Tommy
would make an ideal serving maid and an interesting
conversation piece for Megan's middle aged guest.

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