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Tall Man Little Penis

I am 6'2" tall, very fit with a good body but my flaccid penis is about 1.5 inches long and 3 inches girth . This has been remarked upon by various women and now I actual like women knowing I have a tiny penis and being asked to show them it and have them laugh and remark how cute my tiny penis is and how they have never seen one as small on an adult. My last girlfriend made me shave off all my pubic hair and took photos to show to her friends and they would not believe it was me until my ex invited them around and made me undress in front of them, they all laugh and joked about my size which gave me an erection and I ********** in front of them. That was the end of my last relationship.
tinylength tinylength 26-30, M 6 Responses Dec 28, 2012

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I am 6ft 200 pounds and when erect my phallus is only 3 inches long and 3 inches in circumference (around). It is tapered from only 3/4 in width at the head to 1 inch wide only on the shaft. The head is tiny and child like and it looks like someone stuck a child's phallus onto a man's body. I could not keep condoms on and I am inadequate for the "act" because I am not felt, slip out and it is not good for either myself or my wife. Erect I am smaller in length and girth than most average are when flaccid. When not erect it is either inverted or a max of 1.5 inches and very skinny. It is what it is and I have come to accept it.

My tiny flaccid size is also more comparible to children rather than adults or even teenagers. My erect size is only a skinny 4" and is average size for 12 to 13 year olds. My gf also took pics of my tiny penis and showed them to her girlfriends but I wasnt in the room at the time. I could however overhear some of their comments (and giggling) She also told them I was only good for oral sex as I *** too quickly when I try to **** her. I would love to be humiliated in person like you were however.

I would really like to see it...

Must have felt great to *** while they all watched.

I can so relate. Micro here too and skinny