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Bikini Mom Penis Humiliation

There are some men who wish they had a small penis, there are others who have a small one. I am a person with one. This is something that, unfortunateley, actually happened to me, not some fantasy. We had gotten a pool installed into our house a few days ago. It was surprisingly a nice 76 degrees outside and my stepmom and stepsister decided to go swimming. I went to go put on some underwear, but noticed that my sis had put it all in the washing machine. I saw my mom's purple thong in the clean basket. Let's get one thing straight. I feel really uncomfortable not wearing undies while swimming, I don't know why. I reluctantly put on my mom's thong. It dug into my butt, but I just had to deal with it. I thought no one would notice it. I WAS WRONG. My sis had invited a lot of her friends over. My sis is on the college cheer team and has some really hot friends. All the girls she invited were probably cheerleaders.They were all in bikinis, including my 22 year old stepmom. If you haven't read my previous stories, I have severe premature ejaculations. I quickly got hard as I saw all of them, but no one noticed because my **** is a little over 2.5 inches when hard. They all said hi to me and I said hi back in a nervous way. My sis's friends giggled as they saw my scrawny body. We played volleyball in the pool. In the middle of when we were playing , my mom left because she was getting pruny and it was getting a little cold. As we were playing one of my sis's friends tried to jump for the ball and landed on me. SHe looked at me, giggled, and winked. "Me hero!", she said and she wrapped her arms around me. I could feel the tensions in my loins building up. I quickly told all of the that I was cold and got out of the pool. Little did I know that I had a huge whale tail because of the thong. As I got out everyone saw it. I heard giggling in the back but I ignored it. Then many of the girls got out of the pool and surrounded me. "Nice thong, sissy!", said my sis. One girl quickly grabbed my thong and gave me a major wedgie. I could feel my *** being split in half. All the girls were laughing and many took pics. My sis pulled down my pants so I was in only a thong. They spanked me and It took all my will power not to **** looking at their bodies. "Let's see what he's packing!", said one girl. They pulled down my thong and I could see all the girls gasp. I was beaming hard at only 2.5 inches. A burst of laughter erupted and I could see all of the hot girls in bikinis point. "It's so damn tiny! And It's hard", said one. "What a tiny willie!", said the other. Tears formed in my eyes. They all made the small penis size. "It's kind of cute" said one girl. As she touched it, I couldn't hold it anymore and I cummed everywhere.Another huge uproar went out."So quick! We barley did anything. You wouldn't be able to last a full 30 seconds in sex! Sexual dud!", said my stepsis. I started crying realizing that everything they were saying was true. All the girls took many pics. I was deeply humiliated. "Let's see how long he can last", said one girl. One started a stopwatch, and all the others flashed me their boobs> I got hard quick. One kissed me on the cheek and licked my lips. I cummed and only lasted 25 seconds while my **** was not touched. They all laughed and took pics and vid of my humiliation.Then they made me bend over and I had to kiss each one of their wet *****. I cummed again as I kissed the last ***. One girl put me in a full nelson. Everyone grabbed their cameras and started taking pics. Just then my mom walked in in her bikini. SHe gasped as she saw the whole sight. "What's going on here!" she said in a demanding voice. Just then she saw my little willie and hid a giggle by covering her mouth. SHe ordered all the girls out of the room. When one girl left, she flashed meher *** and I got hard. My mom came close to me. "Oh baby are you alright!", she said trying not to smile as she looked at my willie. "I-i-i'm f-f-fin mom!" I mutterred. I got up and my **** was right infront of my mom's face. she giggled, and then burst out laughing. "I am so sorry son! I am your stepmom and though You've only been my son for over a year I love you like you were my own. But I have never seen a penis so small before! I thought you were much bigger, but I was wrong!" she said while laughing. Tears formed in my eyes. She came and she hugged me. I could feel her breasts on me and I could feel the pressure in my loins. "mom, please don't hug me,I don't want to humiliate myself aymore by ******* on you" I said a little pathetically. "Sweetie, no man is that premature. You might be a little small, but I know you'll make up for it in stamina. I'm a nurse. I know these things." she said comfortingly. "Now let me give you a full examination to see if you're growing down there." My mom had been a nurse for a few months now, so she knew how to check how far one is in puberty. I wrapped a towel and went to her room. She was still in a bikini so I got hard. As she was checking she touched my willie a lot. I couldn't hold it past her beauty and her bikini and her touch and cummed all over her breasts. "Oh....well.....I guess I was wrong about the stamina...." she said while trying not to laugh. I started crying. SHe hugged me in a motherly way and told me it was Ok and that all men are a little premature. After a bit more comforting, I hugged her back. I was tired and she said she could sleep in her room for a bit as she goes shopping. She tucked me in and said good night. I could see a smile on her face as her eyes dropped to my "lower are". She's a great mom, but I still feel pathetic knowing your mom and sis laughed at your ****. It was cery humiliating
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I want that to happen to me my penis 2 inches hard if any one wants to talk to me kik antonyburke

Oh my God, that must've been SO humiliating. I'd love to have gone through such intense humiliation, especially with the crying in front of all those girls like a sensitive little sissy in panties. My **** is as hard as a rock

Nice--that is a great story--since you are very very tiny at 2.5 inches. you deserve it. and that they took pics and videos---that is hot...everyone will now know u r tiny tim.

Hahaha thts funny I feel bad 4 u tho