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Too Embarrassing

i have a very small penis.  soft it's 1/2 an inch and hard it's right under 2 inches and thin enough to fit in a coke bottle.  ive been humiliated for it too many times to count. and i'm still a virgin. I'm 26 yr old. i'm to the point now where it turns me on to be humiliated since it has happened so much. well thats all for now

littl1p littl1p 26-30 8 Responses Dec 16, 2008

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It's nice to know you get aroused when humiliated. You might try what I did once. I went to a co-ed spa. The rule was when at the pool, everyone had to be nude. There were about twenty people there, half men and the other half female. I laid myself down on a recliner, and not being conspicious, I noticed that every guy there had a sizeable penis. Yes, I did feel a little intimidated, but I got up and walked to the diving board and dove into the pool. After that I was TOTALLY turned on. I swam to the shalow end and walked up the steps then back to my recliner. I noticed most of the women smiled at me, and it felt fantastic walking by them, and thier male partners.

Size does matter!! I have a 7" **** and every girl I'm<br />
With is amazed.. Too bad you got a little **** but I'm sure you got something else to offer to make up for it... I really do feel sorry for you. I couldn't imagine having a little ****.

Mine use to be small but I tried this enhancement pills I'm 3 sizes bigger.<br />
<br />

i am interested in enhansment. what is the name of the pills that you use"

My penis is not as small as yours, but it isn't much bigger. I've managed to keep a woman happy for a lot of years and I know it's not the size that matters. It's how you use it and the other parts of your body, if you get my meaning.

My penis isn't quite that small, but I still have issues with its size; don't feel alone. I still have trouble thinking I'll ever have sex someday.

Don't be silly. You cannot be racist, sexist, <br />
but they can laugh because of your penis?<br />
You have the right to have the penis you have. <br />
I don't know if you can prosecute people that<br />
laugh at you for discrimination but you can <br />
certainly remind them they have a brain smaller<br />
than your penis.

share your most embarrassing moments...real ones not the made up "mistress" crap. i can tell you about some places where you can safely get all the true humiliation you want! lol

i know the fact love it