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Love My Small Pee-pee !!!!!!!!!!!


I not only have a small one when it is hard , when it is soft sometimes it is barely visible !

I have two older brothers and I watched them go thru puberty and become young men with muscles hair under their arms and nice fat long dicks by the time they where 13 or 14 yo they were sexually mature .

I on the other hand went through  puberty at a very late age ( like 15 and a half yo ) and the process was not only late it was also slow not a quick change but very slow and gradual  and physically I was like a normal 12 or 13 yo at 18 when I graduated high school .

All thru junior high and high school I was terrified to be exposed and humiliated by other boys and   less so by the girls – my fear was that if they knew my secret that I was just a little boy both in size and development they might tell  - and the boys would find out and humiliate me about it .

Spending years hiding my shame from almost everyone at home in the locker room with friends swimming Sleep over’s  ect. But totally interested in the boys older and younger than me who had passed on to “manly development “  being 17 yo and seeing other boys at 11 or 12 being more man then you is difficult

I became obsessed with them and jerked off about them all the time . when I was younger I thought  I would catch up by the time I was 15 I realized this would probably not happen and began fantasizing about being humiliated and serving them being submissive to their superior masculinity .

Now I love my small pp and consider it more as a **** then a ****

italyboy italyboy 22-25, M 5 Responses Aug 3, 2009

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I'm small down there too, and can sympathise with te late puberty and embarrassing teenage years experience, well and truely been there done that! My feelings towards my penis really contributed to a negative image of myself growing up, something that only really changed when i went away to university and realised that grown ups dont care about your penis size. Havig hped for years, I am now sure it wont grow any more, so it is what it is, and I am happy with that. On the whole, it has not been an issue for girls, and i dont care what other guys in the locker room think.

I'm glad all of you love your small peepee's. I do too. And so do a lot of women like me.My brother was a sweet chubby sissy --his peepee was jus a nub of a head--no dangle . Only stiff when he was touched. His friend , another chubby boy played--THAT WAY__together. I caught them, and helped them like an older sis should. AZnd looking through this site I'm not alone. Write iof you feel like it Love Noelle33333


me to i been the same since i was 12 2inchs soft 4inchs hard sometimes i may get close to 4.5 inchs if im really aroused

yeah i was a very late blooer myself it started at 12 but stalled so from 12 to 15 i looked like a 11 or 12 yr old boy .my penis then wqas 1 to 1.5 inchs soft and 3ish hard at 16 to 18 i was 4inch to 4.5 hard and2 to 2,5 soft then at 19 i reached my current size of 3 inchs soft sometimes i get to 3.5 and just over the 6inch mark hard .i only had like 4 hairs till i was 16