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I'm Pissed That I'm Small And My Brother Is Not

I'm 20 yrs old and have come to realise i've stopped growing....I'm stuck with a 6 inch penis for the rest of my make matters worse, i accidently walked in on my little brother, who's 18 yrs old, the other day ******* off in his room and his penis was massive, he was atleast 9 inches and very thick.....why did i end up with the small penis gene??? this ain't fair

kaiser91 kaiser91 18-21, M 13 Responses Jan 28, 2010

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Most actual medical studies give an average adult size of somewhere from 5.1 to 5.9 inches. About 95% of adult men are somewhere between 4 and 7 inches. If you want, you can do the math to figure out how many people on EP are likely LYING. But in any event, 6 inches is not small.

Your lucky to have a six inch. I have a 3.5 inch when erect and about 1 inch when soft. I too accidently walked in on my younger brother and his was about 6 inches soft and thick. Not a pencil **** like mine. When I work out or go to the pool my penis is only about half an inch when soft. My brother once pulled my trunks down at the pool and my half inch penis was exposed to everyone. I was so humiliated. I was always teased in junior and senior high school when we had to take a shower. Everyone was between 3 and 6 inches soft. They made fun of me calling me baby ****.
I never want to relive that constant humiliation.

Blake please add me to your circle. Thanks.

6 inches isn't small. It's not big, but it's definitely not small. Hell, my wife would choose yours over my little 3 incher any day! Literally!

You are lucky being 3and 1half + which is about the size of a 5or 6 yr old.Wait till a 6or7yr old walks up to a urinal and you are still looking for yours very big male letdown the answer the stall.

At least you have double the penis that I have! :P

6 inches is average and not small. So stop being a whiny ***** and man up. I know guys who would love 6 inches but are much less. You disgust me!

Poulettesoumise that does not say. Is that hers is only 3 inches in the good days !!!

that means you're the little brother and he's the big brother. you should treat him with the respect that he's due, as he is more of a man than you.

I'm dealing with similar issues, but it's my sons who are larger.

it happens my brother is 12 now and i saw his and he is more then twice my size im 4 inchs hard so i now what you feel

Don't worry man- although six inches isn't huge, it's only a tiny bit below average, and you are still bigger than a lot of guys out there (myself included)!

6" is well within the average rang - keep up

Well that's life man, some of us are going to be shorter than others, but hey 6 inches is a decent size!!<br />
Just coz u guys are from the same family does not mean both of u have to be similar in size. <br />
<br />
My younger brother is much much bigger than me. He is about 6.3'' soft, so he has a good 1.3'' on my erect 5'' penis. When he is hard he is about twice as big as me, with his 10 incher.

I'd like to see some comparison pics ;)

Six inches? Be grateful. That's two more than I have.

Nonsense, adniLam. A 3 inch penis? I feel humiliated having a 4 incher, I know that I cannot satisfy a woman with my penis, however I am a world class cunnilinguist/analinguist.