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4 inches. I don't even want to use it anyway. All the pleasure I need is my *** ***** getting ****** until it's numb.

ts420 ts420 18-21, T 3 Responses Mar 21, 2010

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I agree. HRT is awesome it makes your gurl **** shrink. My good friend doubled up on it (be careful) Her former male part would not even get hard. It must have been one inch long. It was sooo cute. I met one gurl who had her balls snipped. No more of the big T. She hardly had to take any hormones

Totally agree with you and Italyboy. My **** works alright but it is not what interests me. My bottom is where my brain is at,lol. I just want a man to use it for his pleasure and mine. There is nothing as good as penetration of that sweet rosebud.

I am like you , my "dicklet" is a clitt , my boy ***** is where all my sexual fulfilment comes from !