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As you can see from my title i have a 1.2 inch penis when fully erect. Its has cause me made problems in the past. I knew from year 7, in the changing rooms that i was a lot smaller than everyone else. However i assumed tht i was just late developing and it would eventually catch up, it never did. It has taken till i was 20 to lose my virginity due to the fact girls havent wanted to have sex with me because of it. At the age of 16 i got my first girlfriend, yet when she saw my **** for the first time she laughed and dumped me. I only lost my virginity thanks pity sex to be honest. I have never seen or met anyone with a smaller penis than me either. Despite this i would never try to enlarge it with surgery as, believe it is just wrong. I have accepted it will get no bigger, guess i will just have to wait for an amazing woman.

JaneKay2 JaneKay2 18-21, T 2 Responses Apr 3, 2010

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been there not as small but was small till i was 19

Bravo! I liked ur story. If a girl laughs at ur penis, she is a ************. Don't let her humiliate u. If a girl loves u. she will accept as u r.