Always Been Far Smaller Than Exes

Every single one of the girls/women I have been in a relationship with that lasted more than days or weeks has confessed to me that I am much smaller than any of their previous lovers. Before we had sex for the first time I told one girl that i was a bit shy because i have a rather small penis. She assured me that she didnt care about size and her ex was actually really small. However it seems she thought average was small as she was actually quite shocked when she saw how much smaller i was than him. We were together for about 6 months or so but i know I never satisfied her sexually. She never said anything directly but I am certain she had discovered size could matter after all. I believe most women who profess that size doesnt matter have never been with a guy who is actually small.
litlebigman2 litlebigman2
51-55, M
Nov 27, 2012