I Felt This Way Before...

... My flaccid would shrivel up so small. It would make me feel depressed. I hated the sensation of the "turtle". I was always looking for way to make it look big but that never worked very well because it would just be stuffing and I ended up feeling even smaller. Then I found Stealth and t really just supports my flaccid penis to remain at its longest while adding more girth too. Now I actually feel bigger..much bigger and my whole attitude has changed. I feel like a stud and other people notice too. I love to see the crotch watchers stare : ))
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46-50, M
2 Responses Sep 24, 2012

My sons were bigger than e by the time they were 10 or 11.They never saw my ****, I would have been so embarrassed. My wife teased me about them and our nephews. I was in Germany this summer with a friend and her son. I didn't know that at the baths it was total nudity.

I have always found it good fun when young guys are bigger than me.
I do not care that i am smaller.