Smaller Than Everyone I Know...

My girlfriend (and even ex wife) are used to men of much larger proportions than I have. About 4-5 hard, and less than an inch soft, I have always been self conscious about it. Then one day when my kids were over, my girlfriend noticed at bath time (since it is a nude riot at bath time, lol) that my offspring are definately passing me by leaps and bounds. As offputting as this was, I talked to my ex about it as well...her reply, as well-meaning as it can be for her, was:

"Awwww, [the oldest boy] passed you when he was four...I have wondered if you were their father after that." my boys, who haven't even hit puberty yet, are more hung than me. Awesome.
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4 Responses Dec 6, 2012

May be you should find a younger girl who didnt start dating yet. She ll be tight.

wow I cant imagine how that makes you feel

What, knowing that there is a greater chance of my boys getting laid than me? I guess it happens....only have to support them.

your a good dad

the world could use more good dads like you

are you sure they are your kids

Actually, no. Some are not mine and I found this out only last year around 4th of July.

will like to know how you find that some are not your kid?

With domestic relations involved for child support during the divorce proceedings, if there is any question they they did and I found out.

Hot humilation!