Hanging Is Not The Option

I not only have a small one when it is hard , when it is soft sometimes it is barely visible !

I have one older brother and Ihim go thru puberty and become young man  with muscles hair under his  arm and nice fat long dicks by the timehe13 or 14 yo they he sexually mature .

I on the other hand went through  puberty at a very late age ( like 16 and a half yo ) and the process was not only late it was also slow not a quick change but very slow and gradual  and physically I was like a normal 12 or 13 yo at 18 when I graduated high school .

All thru junior high and high school I was terrified to be exposed and humiliated by other boys and   less so by the girls – my fear was that if they knew my secret that I was just a little boy both in size and development they might tell  - and the boys would find out and humiliate me about it .

I never though of myself even being a "man" by the time I was already in college.  People tell you that size does not matter and it is what you can do with it, they lie.  It really messes up your self-esteem.  I grew up in a household and family in which the message that you got was "Size does matter, bigger and better is the only way of living.

Having a **** (penis) that is smaller than most 14 yo on an adult is mind blowing.  I was told that I never produced enough testerone as a child.  Mind you that my father is hung over 8" and brother just under 7" and mine is barely 1" soft and 5.5" when hard. 
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2 Responses Jan 8, 2013

<p>I think all you guys should read a story I wrote "You have a small member? Cool!"</P>

O.K. Beerhall, I will be right over to check it out, thank you for the heads up!!!!

My friend, I certainly do understand your feelings, I too, am built small, circumcised, and barely noticeable when soft, and also 5" of so when hard!!!!
My Father was also very well hung, I always said that I got my Mother's penis!!!:)
Yes, I too have been embarrassed at times, but we just have to learn to live with what we have, not everyone wants a huge **** to play with, it seems like quite a few people prefer smaller ones like you and I have, so to those individuals, I am so grateful!!!!
Keep your chin up, everything will be fine, just look at the positive side my friend!!!! :)