GF'S Son

So my GF has an 8 year old son that is playing baseball. The coach told her that the boys need to have and wear a cup to all practices and games. So she asked me to take him to the store to get him a supporter and cup. Well being the nice guy i am i did this.
Once we got home he wanted to try it on but didnt know how to put the cup in. My GF asked me to show him. So i grabbed the cup and held it next to my crotch demonstrating how to put it in. She said no silly show him how it goes in. So i pulled open my fly and placed it inside my boxers (never imagaining that it would actually fit). I looked to lil man and said this is how it goes in. I then saw her cover her mouth and look away really fast just as her son said look ma we are the same size. I coulda died
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5 Responses Feb 11, 2013

hehehe oh man; what your GF says about it? Does she make fun of you? Does she tells you about former bigger BF's?

Did your wife take the pic? Any other comments by her about your size?

That is one hot experience! I hoep you let your GF take a pic. Maybe a comparison pic of you and the 8yo lol

How humiliating, hopefully the size is not obvious.

well an 8 yr olds cup fits so i think it must be

Not that knowing you may be small is enough but having it confirmed in front of an 8 yo had to be horrible.

Ya think. It was rather humbling. Now she wants me to take a pic with it in.