It Is Always Wet And Smelly

I went to doctor before to get advice but it was male doctor and I did feel too shamed to ask him about it.
It make my panty smelly and wet and white.
It is like something white all the time coming out from my vagina and it make my vagina feel itchy also.
I douch my vagina and use deodorant and antiseptic in douche but it did not help.
Does anyone know how to make it better?
desireforpassion desireforpassion
22-25, F
5 Responses Jan 19, 2013

See the doctor about whether you have a yeast infection and he Rx medicine to cure infection that smells. Do quickly! Your doctor has see it all before, trust him to help you. Never take chance with your health by being dishonest with your Dr.!

Stop using the douche deodorants and antiseptic and the natural flora and fauna of your vagina should correct it.

yeast infection most likely hun try monastat...good luck

you have white water discharge problem it is 100% curable . nothing to worry. pl. do sex with condoms always if you have multiple sex partners and take proper medical treatment you will go ok within short time

My wife gets this sometimes, the white smelly stuff is yeast. All women have bacteria in their vagina that causes yeast infections however its usually kept in check by your bodies natural defenses and ph levels. If either your bodies immune system is weak or your ph balance is not correct it can cause the yeast to spread and develop and make for a rather itchy smelly uncomfortable time. Douching is probably not the best thing to do because doing it to much can actually cause you to get more yeast infections. The best thing to do is to use medication that's specifically for fighting this type of infection like I think its monostat 7another good one to try is yogart with active cultures. Eating lots of yogurt with active cultures will keep good bacteria levels up and you can also douch with the yogart to.