Me And Virginaslims

Im a 45 year old mother  That is not being conceded when i say im very attractive. 5 5  110 pounds long blond hair and a 38 d. My husband has allways wanted me to smoke during sex and I have for him on 2 occasions . I will say he got me a pack of virgina slims 120s   menthol  and i dont know what it is but thay do seem to appear very sexy but im not sure why?  maby the package?  or being long and white? Im confussed about this part. Anyway when he was at work i took one out and lite it  expecting to cough like i did before  to my amazement i didint? If fact it not only didint cough but felt a exelerating feeling  as the smoke went deep into my lungs some how feel my whole body with pleasure,  my question is does that mean im addicted?   should i quit right now? Im not stupid about the dangers but what are thay really starting at my age?   you can reach me at yahoo im    any info would be great thankyou  Joyce
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Your husband is lucky!

I think a woman smoking is the sexiest thing a woman can do. Watching her smoke while I jack off is great. I also love the smoky kisses. I would insist a kiss with every exhale. Do you do smoky BJ's? They are very sexy. It's great you have done this for your husband.

Go with it see where it takes u mmmmm

You are so naughty. I love that you are willing to smoke for your husband. It can lead to such sexy adventures. I wouldn't worry about a thing for now except enjoying your cigarettes, enhancing your style, and pleasing your husband!

I started smoking Virginia Slims 120s a long time ago - how is another story but I thoroughly enjoy them and continue to smoke them. They are strong and provide a great hit when I inhale; this is the sensation when you inhale. It takes a while to get addicted but it does happen. Whether you quit now has to be your decision and you have to balance quitting against the pleasure that you have just discovered about smoking. I for one, will not be quitting; smoking is a great pleasure that i do not want to give up. And then there is encouragement at home since wife and her mother also smoke VS120s so they are always around. On another note, VS 120s are a very sexy cigarette, the only one that is sexier still is Capri 120s. Capri are slimmer and that makes them look even longer and sexier. As for smoking for you husband a cigarette holder ads an aura of intrigue to smoking as does a small cigarette purse.

do you ever want to talk about it?