When Did It Start?

Hi all! I have a smoking fetish.I don't quite know when it started.It might have always been there.But the first that i can remember is when i was in ninth grade.
I used to skip last period.So that i could go too my bus early.And watch this beautifull ,auburn haired bus driver, have her smoke before picking us up for the ride home.
She  was extremely beautiful and very sweet natured.She always smiled and let me on the bus to talk while waiting.She smoked all white true menthols.And i just sat there stunned when i first saw her slowly take that cigarette out of her pack and lightup.Especially since she wore a beautiful shade of rose colored lipstick.Seeing her take that first drag and,years later knowing what it was called,snapped a heavy stream of partially exhaled smoke back into her lucious lips.Then exhaleing in a beautiful long cone.With some last trails of smoke coming out of her delicate nose. It all seemed to go in slow motion and last an eternity.
I was very hard at that moment and swear i could feel a tingleing in my balls and a tiny drop of pre-*** at that very wonderfull site.As she took her second hurried drag.Like she had'nt had one in awhile.I do beleive at that moment i came down with "The Smoking Fetish". And untill this day cannot decide on whether it is a blessing or curse.
I spent that entire ninth grade missing my last period class.Just to watch her smoke and listen to her lovely voice while we conversed.I still am in love with her until this day so many years later.I forget her name.But not her beauty and kindness. 
In fact i mustered up the courage to ask her for one one day.And unsuccessfully tried to smoke and was embarresed at my try.She just politely giggled.But with practice i slowly started and true menthols was my fist brand.  
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Man oh man I know EXACTLY where you're coming from lipstick120, I can surely relate to the passion you speak of indeed! I can remember back in junior high was when I had discovered how strong of a fetish that I had as well... my history instructor was a stunningly sexy lady roughly in her mid to late twenties with beautiful thick and wavy long brown hair to about the middle of her back with an incredible figure to match!<br />
<br />
She'd always be about three to five minutes late to the classroom and as soon as she would walk by my desk you could smell the seducive smell of her sweet perfume mixed with a the scent of a freshly smoked cigarette...."OH MY GOODNESS DID THAT EVER TURN ME ON" we're talking INSTANT arousal! it would drive me so crazy that I couldn't hardly concentrate on my work! then when she would be holding the chalk like a cigarette, I'd be practically bursting out of my pants!<br />
<br />
Unfortunately I was never fortunate enough to catch her in the act, but one day I had volunteered to scrub down the chalk boards for her, I noticed that she had a fresh pack of unopened Virginia Slims in her purse right under desk on the floor, I wanted to see her smoke SO BAD! but just the site of that pack of cigs in her purse was enough for my imagination to put me into euphoria!