Smoking Fetish And More 120s

I am in my late 40s and have a strong smoking 120 fetish... It all started as a child.. I saw a woman smoking and it just floored me. I experimented as a young teenager smoking More 120s and Max 120s.. Now in my late 40s I love smoking More 120s(and capri 120s sometimes).

Smoking 120s for a fetisher like myself is more than just enjoying the rich delicious's the look, feel and elegance of a long 120...

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5 Responses Mar 8, 2011

I couldn't agree more! I love seeing women, especially elegantly dressed women smoking long thin cigarettes.....

I'm a 120s fetisher as well. I think my fetish started off by pleasuring myself while looking at Virginia Slims and More ads in woman's magazines when I was young.

Me too! Love my long menthol 120s!!

I too love a woman who smokes 120s and projects confidence...I think all 120s brands do that...some more than More 120s.....<br />
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Having a 120 lady get me hooked if I were a non smoker is such a dream fantasy...

Besides the way it looks, are you guys also affected by the attitude of the smoking female? For me, the confidence is at least as important; for example, if the woman would admit to me that she feels guilty about her habit, it doesn't turn me on as much. And how about women who smoke and try to entice a non-smoking guy to give smoking a try for himself?

You are not alone, I love women smokine, especialy long and elegant cigarettes