Smokers Revenge

My ex told me he could not see me anymore because I smoke. He asked me to quit but I told him no. I love to smoke. It makes me feel good and many men have liked me smoke.

When I was 16, I was not a pretty girl. I was alright, somewhat plain. I looked around and I saw the girls who were getting the men were the smokers. They had nice clothes and nice hair so I knew what I had to do to get a boy friend.

I first got a job so I had money to buy clothes. I secretly started to smoke. Thanks to the internet I learned to smoke. I learned that long white cigarettes where the ones that turned on the boys the most. I grew my hair having it trimmed regularly.

I told no one about this. I was loosing weight either because of how hard I worked or my smoking. For what ever reason, I was transformed into a babe. One night I went out toa party to test out my body, clothing and smoking. When the men saw me they were all surprised. I had my hair recently cut and I had highlights put into my brown tresses. Well I will never forget that night. I had more attention paid to me than the popular girls. I felt so empowered. When I took out my long white cigarette the men were surprised. I smoked sexually which got me my first sexual encounter. I gave my first bow job that night and he loved it. I used what I learned and I gave him a smokey blow job. I slept with him a few times and it ended. That was just the beginning!

I found many of the men through out high school and college that men loved my smokey blow job. If I remotely liked you I would blow you. Now at 27 I have had my share of men.

I met Ted at a company party. He was a young stud who made my ***** wet. By this time there was no smoking in public. So we hit it off and went out several times. I had smoked when I was home with Ted so it wasn't like he did not know. We kissed passionately and I even gave him a smokey blow job. Ted never complained.

I listened to Ted and gave him everything he wanted. We were together about a year and we were getting serious in our relationship when out of the blue he told me he didn't like it when I smoked. I was shocked! This was the first man who didn't like my smoking. He would not make love to me any longer. It got to the point that he demanded I quit or we would break up.

My answer was no! I loved to smoke and he was the only man I dated that didn't like my smoking so we after long discussions broke off our relationship.

I was hurt and disappointed. Again, being resourceful I made changes to my appearance and I kept smoking. I worked out more. I cut my mid back hair for a short buzz cut revealing my ears. I also became a blond. I wore long dangle ear rings to show off my nape and my ears. I kept my hair trimmed short gong to the salon every two weeks.

It was at one of my Zumba classes I met Tom. I knew he was interested as he was staring at my *** and hair. After we had a class together, I was outside having a smoke when Tom came up to me and asked me out. Over time, I learned that Tom was happy I smoked. He usually only dated smokers. He had a smoking fetish. He found non smokers to be boring. Although he did not smoke himself, he loved to watch woman smoke. I started to smoke more around him. He would often *** only when I smoked. I loved watching him ***.

He also told me he loved my haircut. He paid for my haircuts. Sometimes he would go with me to get it cut. I could see his **** grow when I was buzzed in the back. He suggested going a little shorter so I could have a bat wing look.

Well heres the revenge. Tom and I went to a party of a mutual friend which was held in the Hamptons. We swam, ate and danced. At the party much to my surprised was Ted. He was with a brunette shorter and heavier than I. I took out a capri and had Tom light it for me. I smoked it as sexy as I could. Tom was kissing my neck and ears while I smoked. He would kiss me with every exhale while Ted watched.

During the night Ted came up to me and asked me to dance. He told me he missed me a great deal. He said he loved my haircut and said I looked better than when we dated. And, much to my surprise, he didn't hate smokers. Apparently he liked smokers now. His present girl friend was a smoker! He told me he dated a few other woman, all smokers. Then he said how much he liked the way I smoked and asked if we could have dinner.

As the dance ended, I told him no. I was very happy with the man I am with now. He loves all of me including my smoking. Ted walked away dejected!

I turned and saw my handsome Tom looking at me. I opened my purse pulling out a Capris as he lit it for me. We kissed deeply all the while thinking Ted was watching disappointed.

Oh revenge is so sweet!
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56-60, M
Dec 4, 2012