Smoke For Me!

When my wife and I make love, it is always interesting.We role play and try different things to keep it fresh. I have always been turned on by women smokers. I have asked her to smoke for me but she has refused to do so. She is afraid of getting cancer.

She has done everything else that makes me big. She has cut her hair into a long shag. She has blonde highlights in her hair so she really shines when the light hits her hair. She has shaved her ***** to match my shaved ****. She wears red, red lipstick because of me.

Last night she was horny. She was spending some time in the bathroom while I laid naked on our bed fondling my ****. Patty came out of the bathroom ready to play. She came out with a small bucket with soapy warm water. She also had a cigarette in her mouth. I was immediately hard as I saw her exhale. Before she wet my member for a shave, she took another drag, blowing it out on my stiff member. She put down her cigarette and took the lipstick and made her lips so red.

She turned to me and gave me a kiss. She tasted so good, just like I remember a smoky kiss to be when I was younger. Her hair was perfect. It had recently been cut so all the layers, especially the top was short. I played with her long hair, which turns her on. She took another drag and blew all the smoke in a cone onto my member. She then picked up the razor and made a quick shave erotic. I loved when she stroked my **** and shaved the shaft. Before I knew it I was shaven clean. She kept the long red cigarette in her lips most of the time while taking a drag. I loved the feel of her smoke on my enlarged ****.

We kissed as she jumped onto my big stick. I was so big I hit her cervix. I played with her hair pulling on it while she worked up and down my shaft. Within a moment she called out and came. We kissed and cuddled and went at it again. She lit up another cigarette blowing it in my face. I was so excited I started to bang her hard making sure my big shaft deep into her *****. She cried out in ecstasy. She would take a drag making cones as she exhaled. We kissed so many times I lost count. Patty tasted so good we could not take our tongues out of each others mouth.

When Patty was done ******* (6-7 times), it was my turn. I loved when she brushed her hair, often over my **** as a tease to make me ***. I'd feel her feathers in my shaft. It tickled which made me hornier. Then she lit another cigarette and exhaled all over my ****. I was still so hard! She combed her hair and kept taking drags while I stroked my ****. Patty knew what turned me on so she kept doing it until I came. I told Patty I was about to *** She took a long drag and exhaled the perfect cone up to the ceiling. She grabbed my **** and made it ***. I came everywhere. I then asked Patty to lick the *** from my body. She likes how my *** tastes so she lapps it all up within seconds. After licking her fingers clean, she took her last drag and we kissed.

I asked her about the smoking. I have been hinting to her for years how much I like watching woman smokers. She said to me " I love you so much I would do anything for you".

Am I the luckiest guy ever?
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I'll see what I can do. She was really awesome .

Definitely the luckiest guy ever! Love to see a picture of her smoking!