I Am An Addict And I Don't Even Smoke

I have sever spastic cerebral palsy and am entirely dependent on my parents for my day to day care. I took online classes, wear diapers to manage my incontinence, and am fed through a feeding tube.

My girlfriend smokes when she can steal them from her moms stash. We'll meet at my house and I'll sit, strapped in my wheelchair wearing nothing but a diaper, on the balcony outside my room and she'll smoke and blow the smoke at me. Her large boobs will jiggle as she bends over to blow it in my face and I'll inhale it. I love the smell. She will cough and I'll get hard. Once she gave me a Cigarette and I loved it. True I threw up and she had to clean me up but I loved it.
DisabledBoy DisabledBoy
26-30, M
Jan 9, 2013