I Love Kissing Heavy Smokers

While I always liked to see an attractive woman smoke, it was about ten years ago that I had a brief affair with a lady who was both attractive and a heavy smoker. I had heard all the typical talk before, like "kissing a smoker is like kissing an ashtray". One night after work we went out to a bar and after a drink this lady moved really close to me and we started kissing while she was smoking a cigarette at the same time. The taste and smell was really strong, especially since I did not smoke that night, but it was mixed with the natural smell of her breath and I loved it. The experience was so amazing that I will not likely date a non smoker today.

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There is a woman I see at work taking smoking breaks that I've become friendly with. One day it was raining and she had an umbrella and I didn't so she invited me to come under her umbrella. We were very close and I was enjoying watching her smoke at such a close distance. I felt so turned on as our bodies pressed together and the smell of her smoke was intoxicating. I waited until she took a big drag and then looked her in the eyes and pressed my lips against hers. She responded and as we kissed I got to breathe in the smoke she exhaled. It was delicious. I pressed against her so she could feel how hard I was. She clearly was turned on as well. We paused to take another drag and then I got a fresh puff of her delicious smoke blown into my lungs as we kissed again. Another person was coming out to smoke so we pulled apart. I don't know what to think now. We're both married to non-smokers and the joy I felt of kissing a smoker was awesome. I want more! I think it is going to be awkward between us now. I'll have to see what happens.

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There is nothing better than kissing a smoker. A hot woman that smokes makes her more attractive and appeals to your view of adventure. I put my tongue deep in her mouth to get the full effects of her taste. She loves it because it kissing with passion.

I always hated smokers but I think I would love to kiss a smoker now!!! I'm getting turned on!!!

I am nonsmoker, but I have smoking women fetish and I love kissing smoking women too. The taste and especially smell of their breath are really turn me on .

I just love smoky kisses!

Yes, I love kissing women who smoke especially when they smoke strong cigarettes like Marlboro's and Newport's with lots of lipstick.

Huh!me too seeing & kissing smokingwoman really do turn me on!

Yuk? Not for me. I agree with him. Kissing a smoker is a BIG turn-on.