Smothering With Pressure

I am very new to this but I have had some recent experience and it has helped me to understand a few more things about myself. This weekend my bf agreed to indulge my rather odd request. I have found that I enjoy perching on top of his chest. He lays on a flat narrow bench, I face his head and sit down on his chest. I love everything about it. From the little grunting noises he makes to the wide eyed looks he gives me, it's all so arousing. It's weird but it's almost as good as sex and better in some ways. I place my legs over his shoulders and just sit there and enjoy the sensation of power and control as he is pressed under my full weight. He can tolerate this for between 5 and 10 minutes at a time. I give him a break when he needs one but I love feeling him pressed flatter as I settle on him again. Eventually he gets so light headed that he can't take it any more. It is really a sexy feeling pinning a male with only my weight and gravity. I wonder if many women have experienced this? I can't wait to try it again.
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put a pillow over his face as you do this and see if he can last 10 minutes and just how sexy it is for you

From a male point of view, I find this a real turn on too (I have to say, I'm incredibly jealous of your bf). As long as he enjoys it too, there's nothing to be worried about :)

yes i love it when a girl smothers me iwth her hot regal ***

Do you ever smother people with your boobs?

Ooooh, pick me pick me.

I'd love to chat so much.

and I have a being smothered fantasy :P Hope you arr having fun! You haven't posted any updates in a long time? :(

I actually also like doing that, it doesn't take any effort and it really keeps the skinny guys pinned

I love if too! I just simply let gravity take its toll. My bf is less than half my size. He can barely breathe when I get on his chest.

What a story, nice one! Just curious, did yr bf also enjoyed u smothering& dominating him?

I would love to have a woman twice my size sit on my chest.

It is one of the most erotic things a woman can do. It is such a positive experience for the woman and the man will often love it or at least if he is caring, be willing to do it for her pleasure.

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That's great you know how to get such strong ******* ! I'd LOVE to be used from your to make you ****** over and over and so intense you eventually also get exhausted of all the energy your ******* consume from you :)

See if you can have his nose enter your ***. Then grind on his tongue in the front and nose in the back

Sure, I've done that. It kinda makes a mess of his face. I like to completely hang on his face with my legs straight down with him clawing at my thighs to try and lift me off a little. So fun!

How heavy are you?

W O W ! That sounds really hard for him, but I'm sure he enjoys your pleasure ! I'd LOVE to get used like this for YOUR pleasure.

Sounds hot. Have you tried turning around so your *** can fill his nose?

Fill? more like crush but yes I have. I like watching his eyes as he gets weaker and weaker. I always perch on his chest or stomach for a long time before getting on his face. Otherwise he wouldn't survive.

try it till be passes put lol

thanks for your comment. I have to say that the pressure of fullweight sitting is such a turn on. Theres no better feeling than the weight of a woman pressing down on your body or face with her beautiful bottom. You should keep it up. You will both enjoy every minute of it. Im now addicted to fullweight facesitting and love every minute of it.