Ol' Softie!

Hurt, or sad, or lonely?  Come to me!  I am such a softie,  I have to force myself not to go where I might find an animal that "needs" me!  I would have to take out a permit for a zoo!    I have a cat now that is diabetic and I spoil him rotten.  I was thrilled when I saw the one-eyed squirrel that found my birdfeeder!  I feel great that it has a place to come and get fed.   People, too.   A homeless man was in the lot beside my duplex years ago and he was coughing with a cold all night.  The next day I took him some cough medicine and a can of chili.   My landlord pitched a fit  -  said "don't feed it!  It will never leave!"   IT!!  He called a man "It!"     I was so mad I almost hit him!   I'm not stupid!  I understand you don't encourage people to live in your yard!  But he was sick!  And no, he didn't stay!   I just want to help whenever I can.  I cry easily, too!     Commercials do me in!  Even happy ones!  It's ridiculous!  I try to be tough!  I really do! But I just can't help it! 

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1 Response Feb 28, 2009

Shhhhhh... (in a whisper)....don't tell anybody but I've got a softspot for critters and the unfortunates too. I don't want word to get out, I have a hardass image to uphold.