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hehe yay, another one!

Silvered haired male here...........come to daddy........smiles

you're welcome

All of us silver-haired males thank you, sweetie!

hehe sorry dude

Damn! I didn't realise you only meant one particular silver-haired male, lala.


ah, yeah it is

Getting older things get stiff that he doesn't want to get stiff then other things dont get stiff anymore. <br />
<br />
Shame how that works.

Nah, I don't..sorry

You still dont get it..

I dont know about the size of his stiffy

you trying to say something now?

hehehe how do you know it's big?

yeah a big something

nope...am I missing something here...?

you dont get it..

Luckily I don't know yet

Shame how that works isn't it.

His arthritus would kick in and he'd get all stiff


Probably not

I bet he couldn't sit that way for long.

Go on, what else you gonna pick on?

Even though he is probably rich he can't get a good hair cut.. shame..

his hair is awesome!

im so sure hes not!

You are? Good

Yeah i am so sure.

*sigh*<br />
<br />
He's one of the greatest musicians of all time.....

He probably is...

He's not a paedo!

That doesn't excuse his actions!

It's Paul Weller!

I know... If being a zombie wasn't bad enough..

OMG! That's wrong...

He looks like a *********.

He's pretty gorgeous for an old guy

I agree. He is pretty ugly.

nope, not broken, he's still pretttty!

I think we broke you!

I'll make sure I do

Well time sure hasn't been good to him..

he was young in 1972...

Well that is fine, but he still looks like a zombie...

I love the zombie

he has a zombie face.. you like a zombie.

he's not, to both statements!

I am!

he's not!

He so is!

no he's not!!

sept he ugo!

thank you!

leave him alone Arorin ... nothing wrong with him at all ...

nope, he's pretty

Close to it

he's not an ugo

face it you like an ugo




like so is.

He is not...

He is...

He is not

He is too..

No he's not!

he is ugly..