Girls, I Need Your Help!! Please

Ok so I'm going to my baby's AIT graduation in 8 days. I have all my outfits packed and ready...and that's about it D: I'm freaking out but idk what else I gotta take. Does anyone know any "must haves"? Anyone that has been to fort benning what are the best hair styles for the humidity there. Help please!!!!! Any advice is helpful
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Let me tell you about that crazy humidity girl, make sure you have some great hair creme for frizz, like for real. If you're anything like me, if your hair doesn't look good you don't feel like you look good haha, thats how I am. Hairspray is a godsend too, I'd say a cute ponytail, with a bump or something, Idk, I'm from East Texas and the humidity gets crazy here too, just make sure you have some good frizz serum or something. lol

Oh my :// I'm so nervous. I have some anti frizz but idk I think I'll try a different one

What kind is it?


I mean like what brand? lol


I'm so dumb! Hah

hahaha its okay, I use the same thing but I also use a creme while my hair is wet and it works real good for me. BUUUT if you straighten your hair and your straightening is ceramic that helps too.

Trust me. No ceramic straitener would ever help my frizzy *** hair haha. And I've never been in a situation where it's humid but I can just imagine how bad it's going to be lol

I'm sure it wont be that bad lol just get some anti frizz that you put in your hair while its still wet, those usually work best.

Ok thanks :D

You're welcome

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Im wearing a summer dress on graduation day and curl my hair. Family day im wearing short shorts and a cute shirt and my cowboy boots. Michael thinks its the hotest thing ever when i wear cowboy boots. Wear something you know tomec loves and thinks is hot. It will drive him crazy lol.

CUTE!!!!!! Yeah I have an outfit I know he will love. Since we are both city kids we like the retro look and I got my ray bans and a cute top with some skinnies. He will die when he sees me lol. For the dinner im wearing a really cute dress with black heels and graduation I'm wearing a retro looking dress.

Lol awesome. What dinner. Im confused. Lol

Lol AIT graduation dinner

Oh gotcha i dont have to worry about that just yet.

Yeah not till next time :) but yeah so I do and it's putting me on the edge lol at the dinner it will be the first time he sees me. So I have to look extra cute haha

Lol awe. Dont look too sexy though. He might just jump your bones right there. Lol

Haha oh gosh I hope so! Lol

Lol wow! Really right there in public.

Haha no I guess that wouldnt be good. But it's good for our tension to build up :) haha right?

Yup, wait to get your alone time then go crazy. Lol

Oh trust me I will! Haha aww I hope you get alone time!

I hope so too or im guna cry. I cant go another 12 weeks without it.


Ya exacty. Im deprived enough as it is. And omg girl im 67 miles away from there. Ahhh! Im so happy :)

Omg are you there now!!???

Yup im at the hotel we're staying at. :)

OMG HOW EXCITING!!!! It's just you?

Nope. Its me his mom and his grandparents. Im not guna be able to get sleep tonight. Im so freakin excited. :)

AHHHHHHH!!!! I know that's how I'm gonna be! I'm getting more anxious by the minute!

Ya plus his mom snore.theres no way im sleeping tonight

Hahahahaha!! Yeah tell me about it! I'm gonna have to deal with his dad snoring. It's all good though

Yeah lol. Im just guna sit here and listen to music and play games on my iphone to its time to get up.

Lol good idea! So how are you feeling right now? Are you nervous? Excited? Anxious? Do you have butterflies? Or is it still unreal to you

Omg i hate so much butterflys i couldnt breathe. When i saw him its like i couldnt breathe. Omg he looks so different. Hes all grown up now. And i must say its sexy. Bur were laying down right now cuddling on my hotel bed. God i missed this. :) you dont know how happy
I am right now

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Omg I'm so jealous of you right now! Enjoy it!

Hah. Ill be jealous of you next week. And trust me girl im enjoying it. I havent left his side all day. :)

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