My Boyfriend Left For Basic Training January 14th For 14 Weeks Help.

So my boyfriend and I said are goodbyes on saturday and he left for the hotel on sunday early but before he left we skype for like 4 minutes before he had to leave :/ all I could say was just bye because I was too sad to say anymore. He left on a plane for Fort Benning on monday :/ He told me he will write and I will get a letter around a week from now I really hope its that soon because I have read that others did not get one until like 2 weeks after there soldiers left I hope hes right I dont think I could wait 2 weeks. So he said he will be back in March but 14 weeks from January 14th will be in the middle of April so does anyone know why he might be back earlier. so I was wondering how long did it take for you to hear from your soldiers? All so I need some advice im terribly sad without him. I am a wreck :/ HELP!!!!
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1 Response Jan 15, 2013

Hi Eryn, my boyfriend also just left for ft benning on the 14th as well :/ I know what you're feeling! I know they first have to go through Reception which his a bunch of paper work, medical stuff, and getting ready for basic. This can take anywhere from 3 days to a month from what Ive read. It depends on how smoothly reception goes to when they start basic. The 14 weeks just refers to basic, so how ever long reception takes determines when that 14 weeks starts. I think that my boyfriend possibly starts basic today. They are suppose to get a call to family to pass along a mailing address. I know my boyfriends parents have yet to hear from him. So I am impatiently waiting to get it to send the already 2 plus letters I have written. lol. Is your boyfriend in infantry? Hang in there! It'll be over before we know it :) good luck on hearing from your man!