I Feel Like A Bad Girlfriend. Is This Normal?

So yesterday I felt the lowest I have since sunday when I talked to my boyfriend last in the morning before he left for the hotel and then Fort Benning on monday. So yesterday I was trying to feel better so I was thinking of what I want to write in a letter to him so I want to write I'm happy were making this work and the last thing I want to happen is to lose you . Right after I thought that I all of a sudden stoped being sad and I don't know why does that make me a bad girlfriend? Don't get me wrong I miss him so much and love him so much but for some reason I don't feel so sad anymore. I don't feel like crying anymore is this normal or should I be worried? All I think about is that im so proud of him, im honored that he picked me to be his girlfriend, and I can't wait for him to get back so we can start planinf our future that we have talked about. So is that bad? I also feel like when he gets back that I wont be good enough for him because hes doing this amazing thing :/
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3 Responses Jan 19, 2013

its ok to feel bad sometime but to get hook up when your bf is away then thats bad though body needs sex so if you only go for it because you miss your bf i think thats ok but if you keep doing it then better to stop the relationship with your army bf because it will break his heart knowing someone is in bed with you...

Sorry i just thought your upset because of that but now i know your loyal and love him then nothing is wrong with feeling sad just pray that he is safe always and both of you will be happy....PEACE ok...

Don't feel bad at all! If anything he probably wants you to be happy knowing that he is doing something wonderful that will benefit not only his future but also yours! I do miss my bf a lot...tht will never change...but as far as feeling sad all the time, that's something that rarely happens just because I have a lot to be happy about in life including my relationship! So good for you! and good luck to you and ur soldier:)<3

Hey Eryn,
Well, my first statement is: "welcome to the jungle!" I remember those days in the mid 90s when my husband and I first met at Fort Benning. It's not strange to have gotten past the "sad" feeling so fast. Trust me, it's still there. These separations are tests of strength, love, endurance and trust. Remember, if you two are serious, be a trustworthy and beautiful soul. I know how it is for these soldiers who leave for a while and hope that they still have the person they love when they return. Stay in touch with him as much as you can. Being the companion of a soldier is NOT easy. Wish you the best.