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Hey Everyone Just thought i would share my Story about me and my soldier!!

My soldier Josh and I have been together for about two and a half years now and we will be getting married when he gets home in May!

Josh has wanted to do the military since he was a little kid and when he graduated high school he signed up as airbourne infantry i think its called. He was too young at the time to join without parent permission and his mom just couldnt sign for him. we met right before his 18th birthday and decided not to join we fell for each other very hard and fast i knew he was the one right away (cheesy i know but true) I could tell throughout our whole relationship part of him wanted to join still so we were talking about it and i told him to do it! i wanted him to be happy and i knew i was going to be with him regardless. It took him longer then expected to get in due to paperwork and the day he was going to leave changed god like 4 times. we oficially got the day that he would be leaving NEW YEARS EVE! what a day right :)

we took him to his recruiters office on the 30th and the 31st he would be shipping off to Fort Leonnard Wood Missouri for OSUT to become a Military Police

He has officially finished basic and is going through ait right now. the time away has been hard but it has only made me appreciate him more and i think he agrees. you realize those stupid things we used to argue about are just a waste of time and makes you realzie you dont want to ever waste another moment together

we got our orders that our first duty station will be in GERMANY! i was shocked when he told me but excited and anxious at the same time! its just another chapter in our love story i like to say! were almost done with training only two months to go and going strong as ever!!!!!

I can't wait to be in the arms of my fiance, my soldier and my best friend once again!

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WOW! my boyfreind is going through the same thing right now only he has been gone for about a week. He is also at for Leonard Wood. Your story made me so excited and anxiouse for him to come home and like you said, contnue our love story as well!! Although this experience will be our hardest it will strengthen our relationships so much more. Everyone tells me my soldier will change at bootcamp, but that makes me happy because i know it will be for the better!.<br />
YOur story is an insparation and fuel to keep on keepin on! thanks...

im so sorry :( just try and stay positive girl!! keep your head up and believe in yourself and believe in your relationship you will be ok!

well I officially know how Germany feels..only I'm not going right away :(

are you going to go to germany with him? or stay in the states?

It's always nice to read about the excitement of love. Make the effort to keep loving like this as long as you have time together. Tell him, show him, sing it to him, etc. For time flies too fast and the truth is that no length of time together is ever enough for those who remain in love. I know. My glorious love affair, due to a stroke, came to an end after only 20 wonderful years together.