I miss him so much. He is ok but its harder than he expected it to be and I cant stand that I can call him or be there to make it better. BUT Its almost over! 22 more days lol. He's in the National Guard for now so once he gets back it wont be as difficult. Watching Coming Home made me miss him ever more!! Just cant wait.

Love you PFC Perry <3
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being there for him in support and as an ear to listen is being there for him hunn. you may not be there in person for him, but i can guaranteee your on his mind every open chance he has, and that in some way your the part of the reason why he is there improving himself and creatiing a better life for us all to have the freedom to do the things most people in other coutnries would be persecuted for. just remember that nights alone aren't permanent and soon enough you'll be in each others arms.<br />
<br />
i found this qoute and i absolutely love it. when im crying because missing him hurts so bad, i read this and it reminds me that what he's doing is even harder and that staying strong is one of the best things i can do for him.<br />
<br />
-A soldier doesn't fight because he hates whats in front of him.<br />
A soldier fight because he loves what he left behind.

awwh that's so good to hear. i love that show too Sunday's are my cry nights haha I can stand watching it til I see the reunions it's so heart warming =) mines is also PFC VE'E in the US Army <3