Did Anyone Go Through This?

Now it is 5 days until he leaves for basic, and he's already two hours away from me, so I have to patiently wait until Friday to see him. I can't stop getting all teary and I have been so distant from my friends, I am usually so social. Now I just would rather be alone and when I am with friends I'm usually sitting by myself. Every night when he goes to bed it is becoming more and more difficult to say goodnight because I know that in the morning it will just be one day closer to him leaving.
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2 Responses Mar 30, 2011

thank you very much! :] and I am so happy for you that your boy comes home today! yay! :]

I went through the same thing too. It'll be ok though. As hard as it seems it will get easier. Its definitely ok and normal to cry. My boyfriend comes home today from AIT and I cried still to last night. I did get a little anti social too. If it wasn't a call or text from my boyfriend I didn't even want to talk to you lol. Just talk and love as much as possible, and cherish Friday. Once he leaves you will still be able to talk for about a week or two while he is in reception but it'll be ok :).