In Need Of Some Much Needed Help!!

Stressed beyond belief, with little time, and some much needed support,  i have no idea what to do and am in need for some advice from the people that i know will understand...

So my boyfriend of 2 years graduates from BCT on may 12th, and wants me to be there and i would love to go!
But that week is crazy for me, as im still in school. And also money is tight. the cheapest i can find is around $700 a person and im on a very strict budget, cant go by myself because i am still a minor,so my mother would go to.
On top of all this i just found out today that his parents are going, which i am glad that they are finally supporting him in something, but after he left for BCT his mother sent me a nasty text message telling me to stay away and that they do not approve of us being together.
I dont know what to do. I feel like I have to go to his graduation. That if I dont then he will be upset, and break it off with me. And it doesnt help that some of our "friends" have told me that after BCT he wont want me around with all the girls that will be after him and the distance that will be between us.
And I dont know what to think on that, the last letter i recieved was four pages long, of which 2 pages he talked to me about our future together and that a proposal is near. Which has also made me feel like he will be doing at BCT graduation... just a feeling. And if im not there is that like saying no??
And every single letter i have sent him has gotten sent back to me (i write him daily, approximately 28 letters), and when he was able to call during white phase he was crying because he thought that i left him, or couldnt take the distance and lack of communication.

I dont know if marriage is right for us right now(I am 17 &he is 19) and i am still in high school. how do i tell him that, and when? I am giving up so much for him, my Jr. prom, social life, and high school experiences, along with people i thought were "friends", but i know that its all worth it. After 2 and a half years together and 2 breaks later, i know that i want my life to be spent with him, that i want to be 90 in a rocking chair watching our family(we want a big one) grow, and that i love him and would do anything to make him happy. But when do i know that my sacrfices are going to be worth it. If his family doesnt approve of us, and he doesnt care, should i really be bothered by it? should it be a sign that maybe we wont work out? His parents ended in divorce, and so did mine, i dont want that to be us. and i wouldnt want to put our future family through that same pain.

I am so stressed, scared, hurt, and depressed. my grades are falling, my health is going down, im becoming anti-social, and just giving up. I havent heard from him in a week, and i know thats really nothing considering many of you have husbands deployed overseas and I'm truley sorry if this bothers you, but everything is just getting to me and i am so confused and lost at what to do, and i feel like noone really understands. Please HELP me.
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Its totally ok to ask and vent and it will be ok. All your fears and worries are normal and come with the territory. First for graduation. It is a big deal and will mean the world to him and be AMAZING for you. I was strapped for money but kept checking on expedia ESPECIALLY at night and found a good price. They were up to 700 dollars but I found one for 300. So just keep checking. If you need help with money you could babysit on weekends or something like that to help get money. <br /><br />
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About his family, it sucks that they are like that but if he loves you and you're gonna stick with him then that's all that matters. My boyfriends family seems to resent me cause he stays in contact with me more than them. I feel bad for them but hey I can't help what he does and I love him too much. You can try to cooperate with them but if they won't put in half the effort there's nothing more you can do. You have a right to go to his graduation and don't let their feelings stop you from going.<br /><br />
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Now about marriage. You can talk to him about your feelings and let him know you may not be ready. You still love him but marriage is a big step to take. But even a proposal doesn't mean you get married that day. Proposal is just the symbol of commitment. I know people who are engaged for YEARS, just waiting for the right time. Just make sure you're ready and I'm sure he'll understand. <br /><br />
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Just take everything a day at a time. I became so stressed and anti social too. I was just worried and only wanted to hear from him. And now that he's home things are smoothing out. AIT was scary. I heard all the stories about all the girls and cheating and it drove me crazy. But he was with me and for me and this is where trust becomes a BIG factor. But most committed men won't cheat so far from the all the girls I know, no one has cheated. I worried myself to death about that but it wasn't worth it, trust me. It'll be ok. He will be able to call you everyday, skype, oovoo and everything so don't worry. <br /><br />
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About your letters you can call the ba<x>se where he is at and ask for his correct address and they will be more than happy to help you out.<br /><br />
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I know its stressful but you can do it! Take time to breathe, journal and read his letters if you have some because it all Helps. You are stronger than you think you are and after thiss you'll be able to make it through anything. Come here and vent or send me a messaGe if you ever need to talk. Ill be more than happy to help!