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My boyfriend is currently in BCT at fort jackson and he has 19 more days left there. Excited as i should be, i have yet to get a phone call from him since he has been there. Also for the past week he hasn't sent me any letters...Is this normal?
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What about a soldier eg has 6 days left and no call. Neither his mother or I have gotten a call yet and he graduates next week

Its like professional pictures with a backdrop and everything. He's in his ACUs and there's an American flag at the back. His family day is the 11th and grad the 12th.

pictures? what kind of pictures and when does your soldier have family day/graduation?

I got pictures today!!!!!! You should definitely be getting some soon!!!

^_^ Im so happy for you!!!!! I know the feeling... its like your christmas! lol... I got my last letter yesterday because since he's graduating next week thursday.. it takes about 5 days to get to me and he will get his phone back by then. When its like a week until you see him you could still write but don't mail.. hand it to him when you see him so he will still be up to date on whats going on with you. Sometimes when you send it close to graduation time, they dont have time to hand out so many letters and the soldiers never get it. Sit tight with the phone call he will definitely be able to call you soon and update you on grad. info and hopefully squeeze in some personal convo. When I was freaking about not hearing from him my bf told me it was because they were in the woods and he wasn't close to a drop off area and sometimes they run out of stamps so I sent him a book of stamps lol :) So glad you got your letters tho... its like your gas tank is back to full now!<br />
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n oh yeah if you know his battalion and infantry go on tells you what they do everyday. (mine is 3rd battalion 13th inf regt so the twitter is @313infantry)

i just got a letter in the mail today...with like 5/6 letters in it!!! :) did you get any mail today since we are both in the same boat?

She's right! My bf is at Fort Jackson as well. I didnt get a letter in like 12 days (yes i counted lol) and I was freaking out. I was a mad woman walking down the street! They're definitely in the field especially if its almost his last week. They're a whole bunch of things that go on at that ba<x>se with soldiers messing up and everyone being punished too. Just sit tight and keep him focused through letters as hard as it will be, it will be worth it when you hear his voice when you least expect it.

Does Victory Forge end when the blue phase is over? or is Victory Forge over when ever they finish?

I know that as soon as they finish Victory Forge they get their phones back to use just about whenever cause all they do is practice for graduation. You should ask just to make sure if he's called anyone.

all i know is that his blue phase ends on next Wednesday. i'm not too sure if he's called any family at all...after blue phase is over (2 weeks before he graduates) do you know if he will get his phone back?

From my experience with Fort Jackson calls are hit and miss. Especially if the platoon isn't good they don't hesitate to not give calls. As for letters if they are doing Victory Forge there wont be any letters. They are out in the field for a week simulating what happens if they get deployed so they wont get any letters or have time to write any. And then once it gets closer to graduation they don't want you writing letters because they don't want to end up with a bunch of letters that they couldn't get to the soldiers in time. I think it was the last 2 weeks before graduation that everyone stopped getting letters. So thats normal. Sorry you didn't get any calls though. Was he calling family?