Hey Everyone!.. Graduation Advice?

I just created this today so Hello Army Girlfriends!! Feel free to add me or message me if anybody wants to.

Im 19 yrs old. My bf is finishing his basic at fort jackson and graduating next week!!!!! IM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!

He constantly writes me about the bipolar weather in south carolina, so does any one have any advice on what to wear? I was thinking jeans on Family Day and a nice dress on Graduation. I'm sure he wont care about what I'm wearing but I do want to represent him in the most appropriate way.

If any of you ladies have any graduation experiences please share :D
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My boyfriend is actually graduating from basic at ft. jackson on the 10th and i'm ATTEMPTING to pack for the trip. i am planning on taking a summer dress (mid thigh length) for the graduation day and probably tall brown boots and a little jacket with it. and for family day, i am taking jeans and a nice floral top with boots as well. i talked to a lot of girls who have gone through this already and that is what they did haha

ooohhh! you girls are soo helpful! it's making things a lot smoother to know... especially the 5am curfew ;)

I love all the details. Its so helpful!! :) I think their curfew depends on whether they're doing AIT at Fort Jackson or not. If his AIT is at another ba<x>se and he's taking military transportation then he has to be back by 10pm. If he uses his own transportation then he just signs out after graduation. My solider is doing his at Fort Gordon, so we'll be off to Georgia after graduation and he wont check in there until after the weekend.

My bf's graduation was at Fort Jackson recently and the weather was crazy then. For Family day I'd wear a cute top jeans and comfy shoes. They do a demonstration that day its quick and then you have your soldier till about 7. (He'll want to eat lol) So just be comfortable. Then on graduation its a REALLY quick ceremony. They talk give out a few awards and then realease the guys. but a dress or jeans and nice top is good too. That day my bf went off ba<x>se and stayed in the hotel with me so by then we just put on comfortable clothes and hung out with his battle buddies. I'd take a little jacket just in case cause it was supposed to be warm but then it was freezing. Some girls wanted to be sexy with revealing clothes and that's not good. Its looked at as trashy and even if your man likes it its inappropriate. Not saying you will its just in case and you already said you want to represent him the best you can so that's good. You'll LOVE every moment of it. Take lots of pics if you can and cherish every moment. If you can take him off ba<x>se on graduation that's even better cause he won't have to report back till 5 in the morning. But have fun! I know you'll love it :)

I've been wondering the same thing! i think i will wear a nice shirt with jeans on family day, and a really cute summer dress on graduation...by the way do you know what time the curfew is for them on graduation?