Help! I'm In A Graduation Situation!

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i have 14days until i finally see my soldier. I'm really excited. Time has gone by so fast! i'm not that close to his mom or dad but surprisingly about a month and a half ago his mom called me and asked me to come with them to his graduation/family day. His mom told me that i would be sharing a room with his little sister and how when family/graduation day was over we could hang out in the room or just go sight seeing. I was really happy. She told me not to write him and let him know i was going to be there...basically so i could surprise him. i was all in for the idea and everything. So yesterday i got this text message from his mom updating me on everything. In the text was the room first instinct was hmmmm, maybe she's trying to throw a hint about me paying for the room that me and his sister are sharing. Guess what?! I was so right. i called my parents and told them about what the text said. they completely flipped out saying "how can you invite someone somewhere and in the beginning not tell them that they have to pay for anything, but 2weeks until you're suppose to leave you expect them to pay for their room?!" I totally agree with them! not bc they are my parents but bc of the simple fact that in the beginning she should have told me about the trip expense. I'm really thinking about not going to his graduation, and at the same time i would love to go bc i love my soldier and i really wanna show him my support. Like i said earlier, i'm not that close to his parents and i really don't wanna be suck in a car with them for over 10hours. So what should i do???
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Oh yess!! omg gurl its like we are so similar its wierd!.. His mom doesn't like because im black... I never thought that I would ever say that with a straight face!! but yeah! His mom and his ex that's not right!! what is his disposition on that? Don't go alone you definitely need a buddy. Definitely take a family member or someone who understands.WHAT SHOULD YOU WEAR? I SWEAR IMMA HAVE TO WRITE A STORY ABOUT THE THINGS I SEEN SOME PPL WEAR!!!! On Family Day I wrote a black maxi dress.. its weather appropriate. The sun isn't really beaming out here its just really really humid so definitely bring something for your hair. Right now (graduation Day) I have on a dress that's chiffon fabric its about 4 inches from my knees in the front and longer in the back. DO NOT WEAR BOOTY SHORTS OR A MINI SKIRT!!!!!if you wear heels wear wedges they're good for the grass and dirt or if u want to be comfortable you could wear sandals or sneakers. So many females had on booty shorts and heels and were running... its not a good look!!! You'll be fine with anything that can not make you look sloopy or skanky.. other than that your good!

thanks girls for the advice! it means soo much to me to have people that understand :) <br />
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@mireya7 yeah i think she did it on purpose too! you know how sunday that just past was mothers day, well i didn't call or text her happy mothers day and i think she's upset about that. but for whatever the reason may be she can get over it. KARMA is something else tho and if she did do it on purpose it'll bite her on her butt. <br />
@meltastic i'm thinking about going just for the experience like you said. I know just what you mean about the whole awkward situation. It never ends. i hope at some point or another on the trip they'll try to break the ice bc im here to stay for a loooonnng time! :)<br />
@Niishkami I hate the fact that I can't have a decent relationship with his parents! I think she in particular (his mom) doesnt like me due to the fact of she's still so close to his ex. Like they still hang out on a buddy buddy relationship. crazy huh? yeah, and i thought about going alone but that would be kinda risky since its a last min. thing for me. i'll just suck it up and pay :/ do you have any advice on what to wear and things to do out there or just any tips? since you're out there now

girl! I have a bad relationship with my bfs parents for a complete ignorant reason. Advice: since im here right now as im writing... do not go with them! Go with one of your parents or a friend that can go and will be happy for you. You can get a flight and hotel for like $400.When you come out here the taxi drivers are crooks!!! So i cud give u a number for a guy that is extremely nice. DO NOT LET ANYONE STOP YOU FROM SHOWING YOUR LOVE! YOU'VE WAITED TOO LONG TO SEE HIM! GOO!!!!!!! You going on your own and doing your own thing will definitely be cheaper and less stressful. Message me if you want to do what i suggest or if you wanna talk. ANDThe ba<x>se is huge so dont expect to walk everywhere unless everyone is up for it!

That sucks and yea she should have told you. I feel like she might have done it on purpose but in the end for whatever reason she was wrong for it. If I were you I'd just go anyways. He would LOVE to have you there and to surprise him would be even better. If she's not asking for the money up front things might change. But its a really good experience and I just about walked with all the crazyness that went on for me to be able to go. Hope the room cost isn't too much. But all I'm saying is that its worth it.

Yeah, i do want to tell him the whole situation but i don't want to ruin the surprise...overall i kinda want to suck it up and go but i just feel like i'm getting played. know what i mean? it just feels so wrong that she waited until the last few days to tell me "oh by the way the room will be $$$" ugh, i'm just so torn in between the two decisions. :/

I would contact my man and explain to him the situation of how his mom invited you on the trip & didnt tell you that you would have to pay for the hotel room etc. you would love to be there but you werent expecting to have to pay for the trip or the hotel room.<br />
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or you could just suck it up & go and explain to his mom that she should have told you ahead of time that there would be some cost included in the trip or hotel..and she shouldnt have waited til the last minute to inform you.