They Say That Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

So I made it through the sucky weeks that my boyfriend spent at Basic. I'll be honest; there were many nights that I cried myself to sleep and would wake up in the morning to mentally slap myself and pull it all together until Sunday. I was actually very fortunate; my boyfriend never missed a Sunday to text me, and when his Drill Sergeants began to give him Saturdays and eventually Friday evenings to text me, I was constantly asking myself what I'd done to deserve such good luck. I know there are a lot of women out there that barely hear from their boyfriends/fiances/SO's during this time, but don't give up hope. :) Hope for the best but prepare for the worst; these things really do have a way of working themselves out, and in all honesty, I found that the restricted time I got to spend with my boyfriend helped to strengthen my trust and standing in my relationship with him.

He's now entered AIT, and he's just a month in. At first, I was hearing from him throughout the days every day of the week, but apparently there's been a change in command, and the Drill Sergeants have been instructed to be ruthless when it comes to cell phones and calls home. They dwindled it down to an hour each day, and now I have no clue what they've decided upon. The last I heard from him was May 31st, and it was a minute and a half phone call before he had to go. I still send him text messages and pictures in the hopes that he'll get a few brief moments to check his phone, even if he can't text me back. He admitted to me that throughout this entire ordeal, the texts I sent him during the week helped him get through the next week. Now, I find myself checking my phone as frequently as I can in the hopes that he'll be allowed some phone priviledges, but we all know how gracious they are with those. XD

I know I'm not the only one that thinks about our relationship, though. When I was able to frequently talk with him, he mentioned that another guy in his platoon had had his girlfriend send him MMS messages of her with other guys. It was her way of breaking up with him. I know that this kind of experience isn't for everyone, and I know that not everyone gets through it in one piece. There was a point when all I could think was "Dear God, I think that this is where my incredible relationship just might end." And I was terrified. And I'm sure he was too. But ever since this all began, I've had nothing but love and trust in him. And I've had to grudgingly admit to myself that so far, this experience has been far from the relationship wreck I feared it was going to be, and I find myself a better person and a more appreciative girlfriend because of it. And I've noted subtle changes in my boyfriend as well; he's more patient with me (although I wish I could say the same about myself....I hate waiting. XD), he sounds a lot happier compared to when he was trying to slog through university, and we've both become extremely appreciative of the time we get to spend talking to each other. So ladies, I know that this may feel like the worst time in your life, and you're really struggling to cope with the thought of being out of reach of your love, but try to think of this as a positive experience, and glean from it what you can. You may be surprised at just how much your relationship grows. :)
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ill be happy when my hunny bears basic is up :)