Cute Idea For Boyfriend In Bct

It's been a little over 5 weeks since my boyfriend left for basic and the last letter I got was Monday he had drew a picture of God's hand holding dog tags that said "God decides the punishment it's up to you to arrange the meeting". In his letter he wrote "So I had a little bit of time to draw but be careful there is flowers in one." The other picture was God's hand holding dog tags with his name on one and the other one below it said "these are the flowers down here" The dog tag chain was wrapped in two hearts. He's so sweet lol :) So I wanted to do something cute and special for him like he did for me. So I came up with this...

The ABC’s of me and you…

A~ Awesome (We’re awesome ;)
B~ Blandin Beach- Bowling- Bonfire- Bug City!
C~ Cooking (best chicken and peanut butter pancakes)
D~ Driving ;) Dancing
E~ Eating
F~ Fireworks (not just the ones in the sky ;)
G~ Grease Lighting
H- Herbal Life mmm smoothies! You: what’s for lunch? Me: That was lunch. :P
I~ Icky (All the icky veggies we don’t like)
J~ Jammin’
K~ Kisses!
L~ Locking my keys in my car :P
M- Mario Party!- Mega Man :P
N- Northern lights- No sparkles! Lol :P
O- Opening automatic doors  :P lol
P- Pillow fight!
Q- Quest. (Did you conquer your mission yet? Lol :P)
R- Round-a-bout!
S- Stars- Smores’- Speeding ;)
T- Top the Tater and chips in the camper
U- Unable to spend a whole 24 hours apart
V- Vampire :P
W- “Whatever it is” by Zac Brown Band- Wine!- Waterpark
Y- Yawns! (From staying up all night)
Z- Zombies!!!

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I saw this on pinterest :) very adorable!

Its on where? :/ who posted it?

Pinterest. You don't know what it is? And idk who the person is.

I do now I looked it up lol thats kinda cool they posted it on there can you send me the link?

I have it on an app. But I'll take a picture and send it to you. Maybe they just copied you haha

Im downloading it. Idc that they did. I was jw.

I found it lol apparently its on there a few times and someone else thought of it long before I did :P

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Thought this is such a good idea, I may steal it :)

Go right ahead :0) he loved it.