Don't Know Where He Is :(

So my boyfriend has been in basic training for 1 week now. I know he isn't allowed to use his phone. But I know that he can still call and send letters. I haven't heard from him yet and I miss him so much :( And the worst part is I don't know exactly where he is so that I could send him a letter. All I do know is that he is located in South Carolina. He mentioned something about Jackson so could be Fort Jackson? I have no clue. Does anyone have any soldiers in South Carolina? If so what are the bases? I know he will probably call soon but I really can't wait anymore :(
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Hey if he's in South Carolina he is probably at Fort Jackson, that's where my soldier is.

My boyfriend left a couple days ago and I haven't heard from him left either. He's not in Carolina, but he told me before he left that he can't send letters for a week or so because where they first take them isn't where they stay, they apparently leave to go to their permanent location in a weeks time and they can't send us letters until they get there. I hope that's the only reason why our boyfriends haven't contacted us yet. It's so hard not knowing what they're doing or where they are and knowing we can't just call them up and ask them all about. I miss waking up to a text from him and talking to him all thorought the day. I hope we both hear from our boyfriends soon. I definitely understand how hard it is missing him so much and just wanting to get some sort of word from him. I'm here for you.

I also hope that's the reason. It is extremely hard not knowing what their doing, where they are, if their okay. I miss his texts, phone calls, his laugh :( I busy myself with so many things to do but I still think about him 24/7. I hope we both hear from soon too. I know we will. I guess we just have to wait a little longer. Thanks for understanding. I'm definitely here for you too.

you'll probably get your first letter in a week or a week and a half. he may call you between reception and start of red phase. but be patient. he will call you whenever he is allowed, but calls don't happen very often. my boyfriend isn't in south carolina, but it is pretty much the same across the army.

Ugh the agony. Thanks though and yeah everyone else pretty much told me to wait about a week and a half to two weeks.