Missing My Soldier.

I've been reading some of your stories of how everyone copes with the absence of their significant other. I don't seem to find the right words to describe those feelings right now. I just know its hard for my family to see me this down, since he left for BCT.
It's my first week alone, and just not been able to wake up right next to him, get ready for work, have breakfast, lunch, dinner together. Spend a weekend without him bugging he wants a different meal or take the remote control from me.
I just feel that half of me it's gone.
Not been able to give him a call and at least hear his voice mail (because he never got his own greeting) The fact that I don't know how hard things might be for him, nor been there to show and him my support personally tears me apart.
I hear a lot of "time will fly" and my hours seem to pass like months.
I wish I could be like many of you, keep your daily schedule as normal as posible, but everything seems so new to me right now.
I just find out through some of your experiences and advices that I might not be able to get a letter at least for another week or two and a phone call. I don't know how to keep myself together not knowing how he's doing.
I just hope the next weeks are at least a little better, I am surely counting the days til we meet and I get to have him in my arms at least for a day.
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Hey welcome to the army girlfriend life. :D I know how you feel cause i felt the same way when mine was going through basic. You have to keep yourself busy completely. It is hard to control how you feel because everything reminds you of him. You have to stay strong for him. I may look happy and in control, but when i'm alone it's hard for me cause my head starts wandering too. Mine is at west point right now and it's still hard. you can always talk to us girls here. we all go through or went through the same exact thing. :D Keep strong. Soon enough you will get to hear from him. :D At basic training they are safe, they just get really busy. you have to be patient in this whole process. :D Keep yourself busy and if you need to talk, just message me. :D Good luck! and keep army strong :D

Thank you very much, reading all this messages, and how kind you are, actually makes me feel like I'm not alone in this, thank you very much. and indeed let's keep it Army Strong! :)

Welcome. If you need anything just message me. :) hah. Your not alone in this. :) good luck. Keep army strong.

keep your head up. Everyone of us have our own strengths and weaknesses, for some of us its acting like everythings ok and we will go on. Truthfully we act like its all good but we,are dying inside. Forcing ourselves to smile everyday. My family will swear im the happiest child alive but him gone is tearing me apart. Many feelings will be and I believe are going through your head,at,all times. One moment everythings fine and dandy but then something clicks and your reminded of something he used to do or something and you'll cry your eyes out. I understand your feelings. Sometimes its like no one understands and thats vecause some of us are more intune with our feelings and arent afraid to let them out. Days do feel like hours. I know how many weeks since hes left, the days,even the hours since he boarded the bus to go to ba<x>se. Im here if you wanna talk. I may be really young but im a great listener :) <br />

Thank you very much Adi, I truly appreciate every single comment, and response I get, from all of you. It helps me a lot to know that I not alone, and that people like you understand my situation. :) Stay strong as well! D.

Of course:) message me if anything. Even if its just venting. Thank you I will try to stay strong :)