Fort Jackson

My boyfriend just left to basic at Fort Jackson on August 22nd and even thoe it has only been about 3 weeks it's been pretty tough for me. So far I have gotten two letters in the mail and each week I get soo excited for the next one to come! I miss him soo much it hurts! He is my best friend and truley my other half, these past 3 years with him have been so amazing and I can't wait for the many more years to come!
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really that's pretty cool! I'm going to school to be a Nurses assistant. Then I want to go back to be a guidance counselor. Lol two different things I know...but, I'm very indecisive about things. I'm always changing my mind about something, it shouldn't be funny but it is lol

well that's good that you know what you want to do!

really? that's a pretty good amount of time. I mean I would like to get married but, I'm not going to rush it. Even though it would make things alot easier. But, I'm perfectly fine waiting for him. We just gotta keep ourselves busy while their gone. It sure isn't going to be is being without our b/fs but, its going to make us stronger.

Yeah I defanetly don't want to rush it eaither, when it's meant to happen it will happen! Even thoe being away from him has been hard, I will wait for him for as long as it takes! Ah but yeah I've been trying to stay busy with working, I just got licensed to become an Esthetician finally yay! So that's been keeping me pretty busy! But yeah we just need to stay strong and stand by our loved ones!

Well, he'll be active duty for 3.5 years..then he'll be inactive duty for 4 years..I mean he can come home on leave or I can go see him..but, if he's deployed he could be gone 6 - 18 months then you don't get to see them. We haven't been together for long we were friends for like a year and half and we been dating for 3 months. I mean it feels like we've been together for a long time lol but, he saids he wants to marry me. But, idt we want it to be anytime soon. Yeah believe you and me I am most definately freaking out too!

Oh my gosh that's a long time! aw that's good! we've been together for about 3 years, feels like longer, he is my best friend and most defanetly my other half! we've talked about getting married but havent exactly talked about when.

I know a few times at work I've seen a few Army men in uniform and I think to myself awww I wish that was my "h-word" nickname for him lol...or when my sisters boyfriend and her are all cuddling up with each other n makes me really sad and jealous...ugh and its harder if your just the Army g/f because your not allowed to live with them on post..and their not allowed to live off post unless their's like so, what are you suppossed to do. Especially, if they are stationed far away or like for instance there's an 80% chance he'll be deployed after AIT. So, do you try and get a place wherever he goes and chance him being deployed or do you wait for 3.5 years til he can come back home?

Have yall talked about getting married?.. how long have yall been together? But really i didnt know it was an 80% chance.... ahhh. and are you just saying theoretically 3.5 years? lol sorry that just freaked me out!

right..but, if we weren't motivating them the whole time and supporting them they would have never made it :) but, I'm proud of my b/f but, I knew he would make it.

i know vince will make it too, hes been super motivated since the beginning and says he loves it there. it just makes it all the better with me supporting him and motivating him more!

ahhh i miss him sooo much, i was at the mall today and i saw a couple of army men in their uniforms, it made me sooo sad :o(

haha right..they'll probably just take a good look at me and be like "no, she has to go home now" lol

lol for real i def couldnt do that stuff, im so proud my man for being so strong and stickin in there

I know I wouldn't have been able to do any push ups...but, that's probably a good thing I'm not in the military..probably even wouldn't make it through day one.

haha same here i probably wouldnt be able to make it past the first couple hours lmao!

Really? Haha..I asked my b/f if he had to push-ups for pictures and stuff he didn't even answer my question, lol. Oh well, he's almost done now...and I was sending him letters just about everyday lol poor thing.

haha aw yeah i felt soo bad! but when he tells me it's worth every second it makes me feel a little better lol

The letters seem to increase once they start getting yours. It usually takes two weeks from the day they finished at reception to start receiving letters. I know I am super excited to see my boyfriend in less than two weeks. Even though its really stressful trying to get ready and whatever. But, it will all be worth it once I get to see him. Then we gotta do it all over again for 14 weeks. But, atleast they get to come home from Christmas, yay :)!

Yeah I've gotten 3 letters now, I get once a week which is good cus i know he is busy there and i dont want to write him more than that since he told me that everytime he gets a letter they make him do some sort of physical activity even thoe he says its worth it lol. But yay im excited for you!! But yeah i know i am super excited about him getting to come home for christmas!!!!!!

I have a boyfriend in Basic at Ft. Jackson he graduates October 11. I got my first phone call after a month of him being there on September 3. It wasn't for very long but, those 5 mins were the best 5 mins of my life :). I'm not sure if you plan on going to graduation but, if so start setting money aside for the trip. Family day is on a wednesday and they won't be able to leave post. But, Thursday on Graduation day they will be able to leave. If you need somebody to talk to just message me :)

My boyfriend Vince graduates on November 1st. So far I have only gotten one call from him which was when he first got there, and I've gotten two letters that have usually been comming on mondays, but haven't gotten one this week so still looking forward to the third one comming :o/... But yes I have already got my plane ticket and hotel booked! I know it might seem soon but I didn't want to wait long and them be all gone! I am sooooo excited to see him ahhhhhh even thoe it's only going to be for a couple of days those are going to be the best couple of days! But thank you and if you need someone to talk to you can message me as well! :o)

Hi you commented on my story but I'll just post here instead. My boyfriend started basic training August 31. I haven't heard from it yet either and its really tough so I know how you feel. Is Fort Jackson the most common one in SC? Anyway we both just have to stay strong! I'm pretty sure our boyfriends miss us just a little bit more. We'll be getting a call or a letter soon I hope :)

I've actually gotten 2 letters from him, I just noticed that I didn't put that in there. But yeah I'm pretty sure that Fort Jackson is the most common one there. But stay strong and I am sure you will be getting a letter here soon, I've heard that some places are strict and it's hard for them to get free time.

Thanks and good for you! That really sucks I hope I hear from him soon :/

Okay I fixed it lol but thank you! But no don't doubt, I know you will be hearing from him soon dont you worry I am sure he is very anxious to hear from you and misses you soo much!