Rules On Sending Letters?

So I finally got my boyfriends address as I mentioned earlier, but just wanted to know are there certain things I shouldn't mention in the letter? Like can I say I love you, I missed you a lot, the 2 weeks waiting was agonizing, thank God you're okay, stuff like that? Because I really would now want to get him in trouble. Also any special way to write the address? A few tips would be nice, especially from those who have sent letters already but all answers welcome of course. Also if it helps he is stationed at Fort Jackson in SC :)
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1 Response Sep 13, 2012

Just know that he has to open the letter infront of his sargent, and Idk if this is true but I've also heard that someone else opens their mail first before giving it to them, but I don't think that they read it. And for the address just write it how he showed you, so it should be his rank, then his last name and first name, then the _Plt.,_Co. _ BN _IN Regt. So the first part is whatever platoon he is in followed by the company then batallian and infantry regiment.

Oh Okay thanks so much!

Your Welcome! :o)