It's Finally Here!

guys it's finally here! tomorrow i will be in georgia and then friday morning at 9am i get to go pick up my boy for family weekend! i cannot believe the day is finally here. the beginning seemed to take forever, but now looking back the time flew by. Blake left july 11 it's been ten long weeks, but in 2 short days i will be in his arms again! while it may only be for 3 days those 3 days will be absolutely wonderful! after that he has 6 more weeks of training which i feel will fly by and then he'll be home and going to college with me!

for the ladies who are just starting out, it's going to be hard but it is totally worth it! blake and i have grown so much as a couple through this time! it's hard only getting phone calls at the end of every phase, but the letters are wonderful! it has made me so grateful for the things i have and have learned to not things for granted! ladies stay strong! and i am here if you need anything!

kaylormae kaylormae
18-21, F
Sep 19, 2012