Got A Call And First Letter In The Same Weeek!<3

So the week of Thanksgiving started off horribly but ended so wonderfully! I was going through a lot of financial issues(which I still am) and missing my bf like crazy but then I found from my parents that I got a letter from my bf that's training at Fort Benning in Georgia! And then on Thanksgiving day right before I started work he called me to tell me he loved me and when his Christmas Exodus dates were! So excited to fly out and see him! Saving up the money as I speak and hopefully the time will fly by and December 26th will be here in a flash! So excited!<3
nubianqj09 nubianqj09
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1 Response Nov 25, 2012

How exciting! Glad you're able to see your bf soon!! :]

Thx:)! I'm so excited!