Week 2

My fiance is in his second week of BMT. I'm really new to the whole significant other being away with little communication. I've already missed two phone calls (the first one explaining that he was at BMT safely, and the second was 15 minutes of phone usage) due to work. I'm a preschool teacher and my main focus has to be on the kids, meaning no cell phones. It's just been so frustrating. I listen to his voicemails, and I breakdown because I can hear the struggle in his voice. In the background I can hear other guys crying, which is heartbreaking. I already struggle listening to my airman, but the added knowledge of other men hurting just as bad breaks my heart as well. If anyone has any advice for someone so fresh into this experience, please do tell. I'm very open to hearing anything. I've just been feeling really lost, so any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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I totally understand what your going through and I get that it can be hard. My soldier has been gone for about a month now and it has been the hardest thing not to be able to hear his voice or hear how his day was. I encourage you to stay strong and write him letters even if you can't send them yet. Once you get his address just send them all at once just so he knows how much you've been missing him and that you support him! Stay strong...I wish I could give you advice on how to stop missing him so much or how you could not cry while listening to old voicemails before you go to sleep, but truth be told there is none. Just try to stay busy and as strong as you can! I wish you and your relationship all the best:)

Thanks for your kind words. I got the address a couple of days after I wrote this. I sent him all of the letters I wrote. :] I'm sorry you're going through a tough time as well. As selfish as it may sound, it is probably the hardest thing to be away from a loved one. I know others are going through much worse, but for me, this experience has truly been life altering. I'm wishing all of the best for you and your soldier :] Thanks again for your kind words! They really made my day, especially since nobody around me truly understands what I'm going through. :]

Glad I could help. message me if u ever wanna talk!:)

will do :] and same! if you ever need to talk, i'm around.