My boyfriend, Dakota, left for basic training Nov. 12. He got out of reception on Nov. 23. How long does it take for me to get an address?

I miss him so much and I'm getting impatient. Ugh. Once I get his address I will feel better.
AlexisNicholeee AlexisNicholeee
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1 Response Nov 28, 2012

It takes about two to three weeks to get his address. It feels like forever, I know but you will get it soon. Hang in there

Thank you!

No problem. It's gonna take a lot longer for him to get them though. I get my boyfriends letters like three days after he writes them but it takes at least a week for him to get my letters. Just keep sending them.

I just got his address today! And I've heard it takes a while. But I will write a lot for him because I've heard it's what they look forward to the most.

sorry to bud why does it take longer for them to get our letters?

I have no idea but I wish I knew.....I sent mine Friday and I know they probably won't get there till Wednesday or Thursday....or even Friday.

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