17 Days!

I get to be in my soldiers arms in 17 days! He called me today and told me when and were to pick him up! I can't wait! It has been so hard not talking to him since he is my best friend in the entire world! I can't wait to stay up all night and talk to him about life and our future. I am so thankful that I can spend the holiday's with him. My heart breaks for those who have loved ones deployed and can't make it home for the holidays. Thank you to all of our troops!
LUlove94 LUlove94
2 Responses Dec 2, 2012

Hey I'm 16 and I'm driving to pick up my solider too with my mom! I was wondering if what you are doing is similar because I'm surprising him do I couldn't really talk to him about it only his step mom...are you guys married?

That's awesome! I hope you guys have a happy holiday my soldiers coming home on the 19th too and I'm trying to go to his family day and graduation on the 17th and 18th ^.^ I wish you guys a wonderful rest of the year and a happy New Years too :)

Thank you soo much! You too! :)