Ait Problems Smh

Things between me and my soldier were great when he was in BCT. He was always so busy so when he got to talk to me on Sundays I could hear how much he missed me in his voice. Now that he has been in AIT we have had more arguements then we have had in our whole 10 months of being in a realtionship. He barely texts me sometimes because he is hanging out with his roomates. And the worst thing is those females. Those thristy females at his AIT. smh He takes pictures with them and talks to numerous ones. Like he texts some of them which isnt fair because he deleted all of the male contacts out of my phone. Ive seen some of their conversations on twitter and they clearly flirt with him. This one girl even told me "your boyfriend thinks im pretty" even though he said he didnt say it. On top of all that he got drunk last weekend and someone told on him and for a while he didnt know his punishment but he just now found out that he just got extra cleaning hours.(btw he never drinks) And all he wants to talk about is sex and he gets upset when i dont want to. I just dont know what to do about it anymore, Its like idk who he is anymore and its starting to make me question our relationship because its not the man I fell in love with. Any advice?
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1 Response Dec 3, 2012

I would say that if he wants to talk to you about sex its probably a good thing because odds are if he wants to talk to you about it then he most likely is not doing it with another girl... My boyfriend is at basic right now, and when he gets a chance to text its always sexual because its whats on his mind... but he told me that at AIT the requirements for as far as the physical testing is actually harder than it is at basic... maybe hes just stressing and keeping his mind occupied? I know like being at basic and AIT changes you... I wouldnt really jump to any conclusions until he comes home and its something you can talk about?

lol your a little late but everything is ok now. this from a couple weeks ago