It's Almost Christmas!!!

And since it's almost Christmas, I know this means that most of us will see our bfs or husbands fairly soon! My boyfriend goes home to South Carolina on the 19th of December and I am just soooooo excited to hear his voice! Unfortunately I am from California, so I have to wait till the 26th to actually see him, but none the less I am just so happy and filled with excitement! Just to hear his voice for more than 2 seconds will make me the happiest woman on planet earth, and I definitely can't wait to be in his arms on the 26th and to bring in the New Year with the love of my life! We were already in a long distance relationship before he went off to training, so even though it sucks being away from him I am used to it. What I'm not used to is not hearing his wonderful voice in my ear everyday! So just to be able to talk to him when his mom picks him up will be such a joyous occasion! I hope you all enjoy the holidays with your soliders! Cherish all the beautiful moments, kick any arguments and disputes to the door! Our men are coming home to us and I truly hope you all enjoy every second being wrapped in their arms! Happy Holidays;)
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2 Responses Dec 10, 2012

this just made me smile, especially the part that says kick all disputes to the door. me and my love have gone thru so much since he's been gone, but he will be home in 9 days and i just wanna focus on us<3

Well enjoy ur time with him! hope u guys have a blast!:)

How exciting :] glad you get to see your boyfriend soon! Mine will still be at BMT but I'm glad someone gets to see their significant other! So happy for you!

Aww thx! I really appreciate it nd I wish the best to u and ur soldier&lt;3

thanks :]