8 Days Till He Comes Home!

Ok so I'm really excited about next Wednesday. But next week is finals week and its interfering with his coming home. I went and asked my teachers if I could take my finals early and they said yes. So I went and got it approved by my vice principal (no one else was there) I do not like my vice principal at all. And I did possibly anything to not have to go to him. But I had to. Well I went and asked him. And he said that my boyfriend being at home for only a few days after I haven't seen him in a month isn't a good enough reason. Seriously? Do you have any idea how bad that pissed me off? Him coming home is not a good enough reason? Why would you say that? I wanted to slap him across the face. I cannot believe he said that. Would anyone else be that mad? If someone said your boyfriend coming home wasn't important wouldn't you be mad? I am furious!
AlexisNicholeee AlexisNicholeee
22-25, F
Dec 11, 2012