The After Effects...

Today is Day 2 of my boyfriend leaving for basic and also not hearing or talking to my boyfriend for the first time ever.
I finally feel the after effects of him walking out of my arms and walking towards his future.
I've never really felt this lonely, I miss him. I can't help but to think about how he is, what he's up to, or if he miss me just as much, and is worrying just as much as me. But I doubt he'd be worried, he's got alot to focus on right now. I keep focusing on our future and how happy I'm gonna be when I see him at graduation. I just wish that he'd be able to at least call once a day or every other day. Or at least get some reassurance that I'd hear from him soon. But for now, I gotta play the waiting game, and write him letters. I still randomly feel like cry because it's still fresh in my mind that he left 2 days ago. But I promise him I'd be strong and find ways to occupy my time and make friends in the process... It's hard. I just miss him.. but gotta keep my head up high, stay strong... and remember that my ArmyBoy loves me just as much as I love him.... I know it'll take a while for me to get use to this.. but I'm trying my hardest.

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It does get easier! I didn't get a letter till about 2 or 3 weeks after he started. The first two weeks are pretty hard core, and they don't really get much time. I know how hard it boyfriend is graduating in 2 weeks & I cant wait to fly down and see him. Trust me, it goes by so fast! Keep yourself busy and hangout with your friends. Write him as much as you can too, getting a letter, to them, is like gold. Keep him motivated too. I kno how hard it is, but you can do it! I wear his hoodie to bed every night because it smells of him, lol & when the smell goes away I'll spray it with his cologne. Hang in there girl!

you sound like me

Yeah :/ my boyfriend left for Fort Jackson Tuesday :( he finally call me to let me know he's okay and that he miss me already. It's hard but we'll make it through. I'm sure of it.

he called you already..... I'm jealous not in a bad way. I'm happy you got to hear from him. I hope I get a call soon :(

Oh girl don't be :( he called me and told me he's still in improcessing :/ he hasn't even made it to basic training :/ but once does he'll call his mom. And she'll call me. I promise you he'll be okay! Keep your head up, it's hard but just stay strong, I've got you in my prayers. If you need to talk I'm here.

thank you :) I just hate not knowing what's going on. his recruiter came to pick him up took him to a hotel. I was able to talk to him that night. He said he had to be up at 4 am. I tried calling him but I must have been to late cause his phone went straight to voicemail. and it keeps going there. I haven't talked to him since. so idk whats going on if he even made it to basic or what. so frustrating.

Oh wow, on Monday my ArmyBoy stay at the hotel, but we also had a mishap and my boyfriend stayed at the hotel two days in a row, he was suppose to leave Monday but MEPS told him no and sent him back to the hotel so he could leave Tuesday. Our family took him over there, he had too be there by 8pm and wake up by 3am, its been hectic :/ I'm sure your military man is okay, I feel your pain and worry, because I was just the same before he called me today. Maybe his improcessing is taking a bit, because that's what's going on with my boyfriend.

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I feel the exact same way! My boy just left a couple days ago as well and I find it really hard to sleep and I just really want to text him or call him but I can't and it just makes me nuts! Without him in my life (like being able to communicate with him and stuff) I am realizing how lonely I am without him (I don't have a ton of friends lol). Ive been sleeping in his bed every night since he left (he recently moved in) and my parents are getting angry with me about it because "i have my own bed", but the sheets and pillows smell like him and it makes me feel better, and I just don't feel like a lot of people I know really understand what I am going through, because all I really am getting from people is the "oh it will be fine" or "just don't think about it"...not very supportive lol And I also cannot wait to get letters! STAY STRONG GIRLY:)

Oh indeed, I wear my ArmyBoy's shirt to bed and sleep in and I find it hard to just sit here and stare at my phone hoping that maybe my phone will ring or it'll buzz and it'll be him. I too as we'll don't have many friends, and it sucks when I try to talk to them, because like you say all they can say is "your fine.. It'll be okay." Or "just keep busy, don't think." It doesn't help it, makes me annoyed/agitated. They just don't understand. But I gotta be okay, I know I will be and I got you girls to help support each other, I know that we're both going through a tough time! I'm here to talk to you, defiantly support and help each other through this. We'll be STRONG! We're Army Girlfriends!

haha we have no other choice but to be strong! :) and thanks! that actually made me feel a bit better, it just gets so annoying because all I want is for someone to understand, but I just end up getting aggrivated and it just gets worse which only makes me want to talk to my bf it gets worse again! I am so happy that EP exists..idk where i'd be without it!

You will defintely get used to it! I know you miss him and it's so hard when your used to talking to him whenever you want but once you can at least communicate with him through letters, it'll get better and a lil more exciting and romantic! I love writing letters to my bf, although of course I would prefer to see his face or hear his voice, but writing really just makes the times you do get to see them or talk to them even more special than it already was. This experience will just make your love for him grow stronger and it will definitely make your relationship stronger! Continue to be strong! You and your soldier are in my prayers:)<3

I agree it will be that much better when we do finally see each other in person. I gotta say, letters are pretty romantic it keeps the suspense and excitement of getting a letter back from him. I really can't wait to get the first phone call and letter.
I will get use to this.. soon. I hope! lol. I'm keeping the faith and pray every night that God sends my love to him, and that he knows he's always in my heart and mind. Thank you for keeping me in your prayers it means so much too me! I need it. &lt;3

No problem! I know how hard it can be...and even though I do have friends...sometimes I feel as if they don't fully understand what I'm going through. If you ever need someone to talk to just message me!:)

Exactly! I have some friend but! I don't think they'll ever fully understand what it's like. But I will defiantly keep that in mind! I'll message you soon, thank you again :)

ur welcome!:)

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